'1000-lb Sisters' Season 3: Fans say Tammy can't be saved, should've left her at rehab

'1000-lb Sisters' Season 3: Fans say Tammy can't be saved, should've left her at rehab
Tammy from '1000- lb Sisters' (TLC)

TLC is back with a brand new season of '1000 lb Sisters' and the situation is looking as grave and unhealthy as ever. Tammy and Amy Slaton are both highly overweight, but only Amy has shown responsibility and progress. Tammy, whose life literally hangs in the balance with her unsettling and worrying weight has been attempting to make healthy changes but will she be able to do it?

The TLC synopsis for Episode 1 reads, “With her weight spiraling, Tammy makes a life-altering decision; Amy finally gets a taste of the life she’s always wanted, but, unfortunately, it’s short-lived; an emergency surgery has repercussions for Chris.” Read on to know what happened with the sisters and what fans thought of it.


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Tammy who after getting a bit serious about her health had gone to a bariatric center that helped her lose 60 lbs off her 689 lbs body. The diet was working and she knew it as well. Previously, admitting to having a food addiction, the sister also has the problem of thinking she'll be fine at the end of it all. Her family has tried helping but to no avail with only the center having yielded some results. Tammy who was missing home and family left the center with the intention of following her diet outside. Her family even gifted her a stove to help her actively prepare her food. Knowing she was a lazy bum, her sister Amy didn't like her leaving the facility. The season premiere saw her acting in harsh, disrespectful way, calling her sister names and burning her ex's things. Amy was just trying to help her but the ungrateful sister had no time for that.

Fans who watched the episode were completely done with her acting like a rotten brat and on the path back to her old ways. They took to Twitter to express their annoyance. One of the viewers commented, "So they should have known Tammy wasn’t serious - they provided her with a portable stove and she STILL won’t cook for herself Because she has “anxiety” #1000lbSisters". A tweet by a fan read, "I would have left Tammy at rehab and blocked her number. Wouldn’t have felt bad about it either. It’s literally life or death for her #1000lbSisters". Another viewer commented, "Tammy found a guy who likes her at that size and will unfortunately watch her eat herself into a grave if she doesn't stop. #1000LbSisters"

Another tweet read, "Tammy is probably the only person in the world who won’t be mourned by a single soul when she eventually drops. So rude, nasty and hateful. You just know her family will breathe a sigh of relief. #1000lbSisters". A viewer commented, "Tammy is a lost cause. You can’t force someone to want to better themselves. They should have left her ass at the facility. #1000lbSisters". Another fan tweeted, "Tammy cannot be saved. #1000lbSisters"







'1000-lb Sisters' airs on Monday at 10/9 c on TLC.

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