'1000-lb Sister': Fans say Tammy is on 'borrowed time' due to her excessive partying

Tammy has been drinking and smoking without her siblings to keep an eye on her and viewers have had enough

                            '1000-lb Sister': Fans say Tammy is on 'borrowed time' due to her excessive partying
Tammy Slaton on '1000-lb Sisters' (TLC)

There is nothing easy about staying committed to a weight loss journey. After all, old habits die hard and even though it is essential to make healthy and right choices, it's easier said than done. However, it is not impossible. But for Tammy Slaton, it looks like it just might be.

After the chaos at the family vacation, Tammy decided that she needed to go home because she felt weak and unwell. Although her siblings wanted her there, her argument with Amanda seems to have been the final straw, and she was determined to leave. The siblings called for a family friend, Rob, to take her home. However, Tammy certainly seems to have gone off the rails in the days following this.


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With most of her siblings not willing to be directly responsible for her and Amy's energy being directed to set up her new home, Tammy went all out doing whatever she pleased. This included partying and drinking with Rob, Raph, and JT. She was also seen vaping, which is equally dangerous, as she depends on an oxygen tank to breathe. Fans were convinced that these people were not her real friends at all. 

"They ain't her friends, they just wanna be on TV  #1000lbSisters" tweeted a fan. "Rob and his friends coming for their 15 min #1000lbsisters" added another. "Hey everyone! All the free booze and smokes you want, come on over to TAM TAM's place. #1000lbSisters" tweeted a fan. 







Fans were also shocked at Tammy's own disregard for her own life, as all the things she was indulging in were fatal. "Did Tammy really get in the car and drive to the liquor store just to tell them what kind of alcohol she wants or did she just provide the money for their company? #OhTammy #WhatAboutYourFriends #TLC #1000lbSisters" tweeted a fan. "Tammy is very immature, selfish and destructive. She living on borrowed time. #1000lbSisters" said a fan. "Tammy vaping and is on oxygen. Somebody make it make sense please!!! #1000lbSisters" said another. "I'm just over Tammy at this point. Takes no responsibility for herself or her health, she is wildly disrespectful to those trying to help her. And then when people return the same attitude she gives them, she flips & makes everyone else out to be the bad guy. #1000lbsisters #TLC" tweeted a fan. 









'1000-lb Sisters' airs on Monday at 10/9 c on TLC.

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