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'1000-Lb Best Friends' fans trash Meghan and fiance Jon for taking 'advantage' of Tina

Tina Arnold says she is handling six children including four of her own and other two being Meghan Crumpler and her fiance Jon Creager
UPDATED JAN 19, 2023
'1000-Lb Best Friends' star Meghan Crumpler and fiance Jon Creager slammed for acting as children while living with Tina Arnold (TLC/Instagram/@jon_1000lbbestfriends)
'1000-Lb Best Friends' star Meghan Crumpler and fiance Jon Creager slammed for acting as children while living with Tina Arnold (TLC/Instagram/@jon_1000lbbestfriends)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: '1000-Lb Best Friends' star Tina Arnold is very strong at heart. She is not generally seen breaking out in tears on the show. However, this time things changed. The star blasted as she saw the mess her children along with Meghan Crumpler and fiance Jon Creager made of the house.

Tina's family, along with Meghan and Jon, is living in a hotel room because Tina's house was flooded by a water pipe breakout. It seems that the situation has not been easy for Tina especially. Seeing Meghan and her fiance act like children, she says, "I have my four kids, and other two kids, Meghan and Jon." In the recently released episode of '1000-Lb Best Friends' Season 2 Tina lashed out in anger seeing Meghan and her fiance play like a kid with her kids.


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Everything looked to be a mess when Tina entered the hotel room. Bananas, cereals, and milk were all over the floor, making the room stink. TLC fans wonder when why Meghan's fiance is not taking the stand here by affording a place. Moreover, fans slammed Meghan and Jon for acting like a "child." Some even slammed Meghan for taking advantage of Tina.  

A fan took to Twitter to slam the star, saying, "What kind of man is Meghan engaged to that he can’t afford for them a place to stay….even just while the house is being fixed. These are 40-year-olds." Another slammed Meghan, "Megan is taking advantage of Tina. Apparently, Megan has no problem living on top of others. I think it's against the law for so many to be in one room." Furthermore, a fan wrote, "Meghan seems like she has never truly become an adult." Another wondered, "How can you not smell the stink Mehgan seriously? Be a damn adult. You can tell the kids to stop. You can help clean up the mess. You are a huge problem. Mehgan gets your own hotel room NOW!! Be a real friend to Tina."





Moreover, a few fans wonder why Meghan and Jon who are in their 40s can't be financially independent. Seeing eight members live in one room and Tina being angry about the mess Meghan and Jon along with Tina's kid has been making, a fan tweeted, "This hotel arrangement is the strangest thing to me. Megan and her boyfriend are grown a** adults who can afford their own hotel." Another claimed, "Tina needs to put Meghan out!" Another slammed Meghan, "Wow, Meghan admitting that’s she’s part of the problem. Again: why don’t Meghan and her fiancé get their own room? They all get paid from the show so where is her money from the show at?" "If I was Tina, I’d walk tf out and take a gd vacation by myself with no return address," wrote another.





Let us further wait to see whether Meghan and her fiance Jon will ever live on their own, financially independent. '1000-Lb Best Friends' Season 2 streams every Monday at 10 pm ET on TLC. The viewers can also watch the show on Discovery+.

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