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'Did she call 911?' Fans of '1000-Lb Best Friends' slam Tina Arnold's decision as her house gets flooded

'You do not call 911, the police, and the city,' claimed a fan after watching TLC '1000-Lb Best Friends' star Tina Arnold doing so
'1000-Lb Best Friends' Season 2 star Tina Arnold (TLC)
'1000-Lb Best Friends' Season 2 star Tina Arnold (TLC)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA: '1000-Lb Best Friends' Season 2 star Tina Arnold has recently met with an accident in her house. The water line of Tina's house broke and her entire house slowly started flooding with water. Tina documented the whole scene. Sadly, she couldn't help herself and clean the floor because of her heavy weight.

Tina got panicked in the situation and cried while documenting the water flowing inside her house. But instead of calling a plumber or homeowner, Tina called 911 during the emergency. But, this was not the kind of emergency where the police were supposed to be called. Even though the situation was pretty tense, a large section of viewers and '1000-Lb Best Friends' fans seemed to poke fun at Tina's presence of mind. A few took to Twitter wondering why she called 911 when water flooded inside the house.


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A fan slammed Tina saying, "Did Tina seriously called 911 for a busted water pipes?????" Another wondered, "She called 911 and not her husband?" A fan advised Tina saying, "I don't know who needs to hear this, but if you have a water line break, you call your homeowners insurance and a plumber. You do not call 911, the police, and the city." Another asked in wonder, "Did she say she called 911???" 





After contacting the insurance company, Tina got one hotel room as compensation. Besides worrying about her family, Tina was concerned about Meghan who has been living at her house with Jon Creager. A fan slammed Tina for not figuring out Meghan's problem as well. "Ummm Tina why are you trying to figure out how to feed Meghan & her fiancé big grown behinds," wrote the fan. Another claimed, "Meghan and John need to find a place of their own. They, not Tina's responsibility." A fan hoped, "I hope Tina was able to recover. That’s scary! And how unfortunate seeing your home become inhabitable like that." Another devastated fan wrote, "Omg I can't believe this is happening!! I'm so sorry Tina, about the house! So devastating!"





'1000-Lb Best Friends' Season 2 is available to stream on TLC.

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