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'1000-lb Best Friends': Tina slammed for being 'fatphobic' after fight with Vannessa

Vannessa wasn't the only one to call out Tina for her judgment, as fans also agreed with her
UPDATED FEB 22, 2022
Tina Arnold on '1000-lb Best Friends' (TLC)
Tina Arnold on '1000-lb Best Friends' (TLC)

Vannessa, Ashely, Tina and Meghan, the stars of '1000-lb Best Friends', have always had each other's back through thick and thin. While all four women are grappling with various issues in their own personal lives, they have now come together with solving one common problem, their health. Embarking on a weight loss journey together means that they can not only motivate each other but also hold each other accountable.

However, in friend groups, personalities often tend to clash, no matter how close you may all be. While Vannessa is loud and is known to make innuendos, Tina is quite the opposite and finds her humor crass. While they both seem to push each other's buttons, a certain incident seems to have taken their friction a little too far.


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While the ladies were all out glamping, they noted that it was going to rain. Vannessa spoke about how she always associated rain with a happy childhood memory, where she and her siblings would play outside when it poured, naked. As she made the decision to move out of her sister's house, combined with wanting to get healthier, Vannessa decided to streak nude, as a form of rebirth. While her friends were shocked at her antics and laughed it off, Tina was clearly upset. She slammed Vannessa for trying to make fools out of them and spoke about how fat people are already seen as jokes. Vannessa argued that she was projecting her insecurities on her. By the end of the trip, the two refused to see eye to eye. Fans, however, were entirely on Vannessa's side.

"Tina Arnold… Wow, you must be hella boring “tête carrée” person to hang out with. Vanessa was having fun… Tina, LIGHT THE FUCKIN’ UP, party pooper! #1000lbBestFriends" tweeted a fan. "Tina could not have been that bothered by the nudity because she never looked away. She soaked it all in so that she could pass judgement #1000lbbestfriends" added another. "Although I totally understood Tina's side I do 100% agree with you. I was laughing with her Not at her. She was happy. I like her and I'm rooting for her. #1000lbBestFriends" added a fan. "Vanessa did nothing wrong! If she comfortable Bish run! Issa girls trip, have fun, stop being so judgemental! #1000lbBestFriends" tweeted another. "She wanted to run in the rain naked it’s her life . Her friend fat & yet fatfobic - #1000lbBestFriends" noted another. "No one should have to dim who they are because of what others may think. News flash Tina, you can act like the Queen of England and ignorant people will still look down on you because of your weight. Be yourself boo!!! #1000lbbestfriends" agreed a fan. 







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