Rapper Yung Bleu accuses cops of racial profiling during Georgia arrest

The 27-year-old rapper had shared a video along with a lengthy post on his Instagram account shedding light on the entire situation

                            Rapper Yung Bleu accuses cops of racial profiling during Georgia arrest
Yung Bleu (Photo by Maury Phillips/Getty Images)

Two months after Polo G was arrested over racial profiling, Yung Bleu is the latest hip-hop artist who faced a similar situation most recently. The Alabama native recently accused a Georgia officer of racial profiling when all he was trying to do was buy a trailer for his upcoming tour. Blue also accused the shop Absolute Trailers in Gainesville of the same.

The 27-year-old rapper had shared a video along with a lengthy post on his Instagram account shedding light on the situation. Blue was later arrested but got released on bond. While giving an update, the ‘You're Mines Still’ hitmaker shared a Twitter post revealing he was “back free”. The rapper spoke to The Shade Room and spilled the beans that he never made it inside the shop and the cops were called on him as over suspected fraud due to an alleged run-in last week. Speaking of rappers getting arrested, hip-hop artists like 9lokknine, Bandman Kevo, Sheff G and Silento were recently arrested for different criminal activities.
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Why was Yung Bleu arrested?

Yung Bleu was reportedly arrested over a suspended license which he revealed after he got free by posting his bond. In an interview with The Shade Room, the rapper said that he was allowed to leave the shop as the officers had no probable cause at the time. However, Yung Blue got pulled over by another police officer- a clip for which was exclusively shared on the publication’s Instagram page. After getting free from jail, the rapper took to Twitter and updated his fans with a post saying, “I’m iight , back free ! F**k em ! thank y’all.”





Yung Bleu reveals what really went down

The video clip shared by The Shade Room sees the rapper’s co-passenger filming the cop and the rapper as they stopped him over his license plate being obstructed. The cop identified as Officer Forrester of the Gainesville Police Department in the video says was unable to see what state Bleu was from. While asking for the license plate, she says, “The reason I pulled you over is because your tag view is obstructed, we can’t see the state it’s from.” The rapper then reverts, “you just gon sit here and lie like that” to which the officer responds, “you literally can’t see your tag” adding, “I can’t stop you illegally, you know that.” After a brief exchange, the rapper agrees to go for the formalities as the video ends right there.


‘These Gainesville police officers are racially profiling us’

A few hours earlier Yung Bleu had shared a video where he can be seen interacting with the cops. The video also came with a lengthy post revealing how he got racially profiled when all he was trying to do was buying a trailer. “THESE GAINESVILLE, Ga POLICE OFFICERS are racially profiling us! They approached me and my team for absolutely nothing trying to buy a trailer for my tour at (Absolute Trailers) the owner was a old white guy who called the police talking about they suspect fraud!”
He continued, “I was just trying to buy a trailer! The first officers walk up with hands on guns. damn near drawn on us saying “What y’all doing here” ...We have a brief back n forth and then As I leave the cop is sitting in the middle of the highway waiting on us. They trap and get get behind me! say my tag is obstructed but she clearly had her lights on way before she saw the back of my car!” The rapper concluded, “5 cars have pulled up on us since then! Saying we do fraud and all type of lies! I HAVE MORE VIDEO BUT I will use only as evidence. We did nothing wrong!"