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Why was Polo G arrested? Rapper’s mom bonds him out, says he was racially profiled

Rapper Polo G’s car was pulled over in the area of Biscayne Boulevard and Southeast First Street around 12.30 am for an unspecified 'traffic infraction'
UPDATED JUN 13, 2021
Polo G was arrested (Instagram@polo.capalot)
Polo G was arrested (Instagram@polo.capalot)

Rapper Polo G, who had dropped his album called ‘Hall of Fame’ on June 11, was arrested on Saturday, June 12, following the album release party after he got pulled over and ended up in a struggle on the ground with officers. It is reported that the Chicago native resisted arrest after an officer tried handcuffing him multiple times. The rapper’s mother, Stacia Mac, who is also his manager, later bonded him out, sharing the update on her official Facebook account. 

According to AP, one of the officers suspected that Polo G, whose real name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett, and other passengers in the car were carrying weapons. The publication reported that the officer asked the 22-year-old hip-hop artist and his co-passengers to get out of the vehicle because they heard a passenger claim the vehicle was bulletproof. Polo G’s mother soon took to Twitter explaining that Polo G was not the driver and was a passenger in a professionally licensed vehicle with security. Speaking of arrests, rappers Bandman Kevo, Pooh Shiesty, and DaBaby’s entourage member Wisdom Awute were recently arrested on fraud charges, club gunfire incident and attempted murder respectively.

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Why was Polo G arrested?

According to Miami Herald, the ‘Rapstar’ hitmaker was arrested on several charges, including battery of a police officer, resisting arrest with violence and criminal mischief. The jail records obtained by the publication showed Polo G’s bond on the five charges was set at a total of $19,500. Miami Herald reported that the rapper’s car was pulled over in the area of Biscayne Boulevard and Southeast First Street around 12.30am for an unspecified “traffic infraction”.

The report revealed that witness officer Joseph Acuna saw the rapper atop the officer identified as Brandon Carrero “swinging his elbows and making contact with Carrero” who, the report says, has “multiple injuries”. According to the report, Polo G shouted to the officer after he got into the custody, “I will kill you, I swear I will use these fists to beat the sh*t out of you and knock you’re a** out.” Polo G’s mother then took to Twitter saying, “None of these charges would be possible if the POLICE did not make contact with my son Polo G!!! He was NOT the driver. He was a PASSENGER in a professionally licensed vehicle with security. He was moving smart and correctly. What more could he have done.” According to the Instagram page of The Shade Room, his mother also shared a video shedding further light on the case.

In several now-deleted Instagram Story posts, Mac said that Polo G was in the car with his younger brother, a minor. "They stopped them because they were driving while Black," Mac said, per The Shade Room, which reposted her videos. "When I go and approach them to ask about my children, namely my minor son who's 16, they tell us that if we don't leave that they're gonna lock us up." Miami Police said in a statement that they are reviewing the incident.



Polo G gets released from jail

Hours after getting detained on five charges, his mother shared on Facebook, as revealed by The Shade Room: “I have tbaby. I have bonded out Polo and everyone. I’ve, also, of course, notified my attorney. I’ll be relieved when I have everyone out of jail safely. Thank You guys for your support.” She had also posted another status on her official Facebook account, saying, “Polo and Leilani are released. Patiently awaiting Crystal and everyone else’s arrival. The battle is half over.”


‘That polo G arrest seems targeted af’

A lot of social media users stormed Twitter as soon as the news of Polo G getting arrested hit the internet. One user shared, “Wait why they arrest Polo G & his folks?” Extending their support, one said, “The police were wrong in the polo G arrest but he got too much to lose to not keep his composure in that moment! He feel right into their trap!” Another user tweeted, “The way Miami police sent 20 police cars just to harass Polo G and find a reason to arrest him just proves they hate saying black ppl being rich and successful.”
The next one shared, “That polo G arrest seem targeted af and they didn’t find anything,” meanwhile, one noted, “Polo G’s arrest just irritated tf out of me. So y’all had no reason to arrest him because his only charges were “resisting arrest and battery on an officer.” So wtf were yall arresting him for in the first place for him to resist?” Another chimed and concluded, “Wait so they arrested Polo G for no reason then charge him with resisting arrest for something he didn’t even do….? Wtf.”