Netflix 'Your Life Is a Joke': 5 things you need to know about comedy show

Netflix 'Your Life Is a Joke': 5 things you need to know about comedy show
Jennifer Weist, Christian Ulmen and Nura Habib Omer in 'Your Life is a Joke' (IMDb)

Netflix is all set to launch its latest reality show, 'Your Life Is a Joke', by and with Oliver Polak. In this comedy series, we will see a combined mix of both stand-up comedies along with a sneak peek of the BTS; showing what hosts and guests are up to behind closed curtains! In a duration of 3 episodes, Oliver Polak spends a whole day with actor Christian Ulmen, rapper and finger Nura, and Jennifer Rostock's frontwoman, Jennifer Weist.


The fun meet and greet should be an ideal self-explanatory template for a comedic roast; a show with no filter! At first glance, we can expect to see Oliver agreeing to roller skate with Nura, heading to the gym with Jennifer Weist, and visiting a hardware store. Stay tuned for the laughs on this one!



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When does 'Your Life Is a Joke' release and where can you watch it? 

'Your Life Is a Joke' releases on November 9, 2021, and will be available to watch on Netflix.

What is 'Your Life Is a Joke' all about?

The official synopsis reads, "German stand-up comedian Oliver Polak spends a day with each of his famous guests and then roasts them in this fresh twist on the celebrity profile".

Who stars in the Netflix comedy?

Christian Ulmen

Born and raised in Germany, Christian Ulmen, is both an actor and director, known for his work on 'Berlin Blues', 'Dr Psycho - Die Bosen, die Bullen, meine Frau und ich', and 'Maria, He Doesn't Like It'. As of present, Ulmen is married to Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, as of 2011. He was previously married to Huberta, with whom he has a child. Before his career in the film industry took off, Ulmen worked for lots of small radio stations located in Hamburg as a teenager. He even won an award for junior reporters, in the year 1992. During his time in London, Ulmen was the host of several MTV shows, between 1996 and 1999, before moving back to Germany in 2000. In his opinion, Ulmen considers himself as both an entertainer and actor with a special kind of humor, rather than just a TV show host.


Christian Ulmen (IMDb)


Other cast details 

The rest of the cast includes Oliver Polak, Nura Habib Omer, and Jennifer Weist.



The producer of the show is Jorn Schnitger with Gillad Osterer as the executive producer.




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