Who are YOUNITE? All 9 members of new K-pop group revealed, under AB6IX's label

Who are YOUNITE? All 9 members of new K-pop group revealed, under AB6IX's label
The label Brand New Music reveals all nine members of YOUNITE which includes Kyungmun from the JYP Entertainment survival show 'Loud' (@YOUNITE_offcl/Twitter)

Monster rookies from comparatively small labels, like IVE under Starship Entertainment, has proved that what matters is not where a group comes from but rather the group's impact on fans. Now, the label Brand New Music, which is home to the K-pop group AB6IX, has announced the debut of their rookie group ‘YOUNITE.’ It is the first boy group to come from the label in three years.


After revealing all nine members of YOUNITE, the label Brand New Music also released a prologue video on February 25 where the members appeared as a group for the first time. In the video, they were dressed in boyish casual outfits which resembled their individual symbolic colors seen in initial teaser photos. The members of the pre-debut group showed off their charismatic looks to the beats of a Morse code message that rang out in the background of the video. The teaser has whet the appetites of industry watchers and many are anticipating their debut.



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What does YOUNITE mean?

The label first started teasing the pre-debut boy group YOUNITE on February 14 by releasing the name of the boy group. The teaser video first opened with the words ‘You & I’ that turned into ‘UNI’ eventually revealing the group name and logo - YOUNITE.


Alongside the name reveal, the narration in the teaser video revealed the boy group's concept. The video's narrator says, "We are connected,” just as the word ‘Uni’ appeared on the screen meaning that the group will aim to always be in union with their fans.



Who are YOUNITE members?

The boy group YOUNITE features nine members in total. This multi-member group is the first big group to come from the label and two out of the nine members have already met fans as one was a trainee that participated in the JYP Entertainment survival show ‘Loud’ while another was a former member of the group X1. YOUNITE has nine members in total namely, Eunho, Steve, Hyunseung, Eunsang, Hyungseok, Woono, DEY, Kyungmun, and Sion.


1. Eunsang

Among the nine, the first member of YOUNITE who was revealed first was Eunsang who was seen in a library holding a book with the image of an illuminating sun appearing on the screen making fans curious about the concept this group is going for.

2. Woono

The next member to be revealed was Woono who appeared at the beach where he found a glass flask full of precious jewels.

3. Steve

The third member to be revealed was Steve who evoked a lot of mystery as he appeared in a forest in the nighttime. He was accompanied by a CGI unicorn that nudged him, giving fans an enchanting visual from Steve.

4. Kyungmun

The fourth member to be revealed from YOUNITE was Kyungmun who revealed his fascination with candles in the teaser. He was one of the two members of YOUNITE that was last seen by fans outside of the group. Kyungmun was first seen on the survival show, ‘Loud.’

5. Hyungseok

After him, Hyungseok was the fifth member to be revealed. In his teaser, he was seen with pottery as he finds a mysterious shiny object that catches him off-guard.

6. Eunho

The sixth member to be revealed was Eunho who appeared to be playing an eccentric game of chess with metallic coins.

7. Hyunseung

The seventh member to be revealed was Hyunseung who appeared in the role of a painter who loses his focus from the task he was performing as his record player stops playing the original tune he set it to play.

8. Sion

Sion, former member of X1, was the eighth member of YOUNITE who is a. Sion was seen holding a photo camera taking pictures but his sudden eye color that changed to a chilling blue caught the attention of many fans.

9. Dey

Dey was the final and the ninth member to be revealed. He was last seen in the Mnet reality show, ‘High School Rapper 4’. In the teaser, Dey was seen inside an aquarium but a shining seahorse grabbed his attention.

All members were revealed as the sound of a morse code playing in the background caught their attention making them look into the camera having intense eye contact with the watcher.

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 Who are YOUNITE All 9 members revealed new kpop group from AB6IX label