Who is Ashley Nostramo? 'Unpolished' star Lexi Martone jokes about being a throuple with her best friend

Lexi Martone maybe single but there is one person in her life she can't do without her best friend Ashley Nostramo

                            Who is Ashley Nostramo? 'Unpolished' star Lexi Martone jokes about being a throuple with her best friend
Lexi Martone and Ashley Nostramo are always a part of each others social media posts and stories (@ashleynostramo/ Instagram).

Relationships come and go, but if there is anyone you can count to have your back, regardless of what happens, it's your best friend. Lexi Martone has dealt with her fair share of heartbreak not too long along, seeing that she and Joe Fraumeni called it quits.

The current season of 'Unpolished' does see Lexi address her past relationship quite a bit, seeing that she believed she had something real with Joe. But being a person with a lot of drive and ambition, it didn't sit well with her when he lacked the same. The two decided to part ways and Lexi was distraught over the heartbreak. Lexi also had a blowout with her mother Jennifer, over this issue on this season, seeing that she genuinely struggles to open up to people and her mother was too occupied with Bria's wedding to notice just how much her oldest daughter was hurting.


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Luckily, Lexi didn't have to deal with it all on her own, seeing that she had one of her closest friends, Ashley Nostramo by her side. The 'Unpolished' star is owning her single status nowadays and often jokes about how she's single and her relationship status is 'drunk as f**k' on her social media. If you tune into her Instagram lives, you'll notice she is always hanging around with Ashley, while the two of them have a fun time. So who exactly is Ashley Nostramo?

Ashley is a hairstylist at Salon Martone

Lexi and Ashley weren't exactly close back in middle school, although they did know each other. The two happened to reconnect years later, when Lexi was starting Salon Martone. Ashley mentioned that she was a hairstylist and Lexi suggested that she should join the salon. Turns out, it was a perfect fit and the two have been working together ever since.

Lexi and Ashley have known each other since middle school




It's no secret that Lexi is a huge baseball fan. So it doesn't come as much of a surprise that she played softball back in middle school. Although she joked that she wasn't very good at it, it did lead to her initial friendship with her best friend, Ashley, seeing that she was also a part of the team. Lexi was the team's catcher while Ashley was the pitcher back then.

Do Lexi and Ashley stay together?


Ashley is almost always a part of Lexi's Instagram stories and lives, they two are often just chilling and having fun in Lexi's apartment, as best friends do. Fans have been confused whether the two live together - but as Lexi has cleared the air time and again, she lives alone.

Is Ashley dating?




Lexi and Ashley often joke about how they are a couple, but turns out, they really just are a couple of besties. Ashley is dating as she recently mentioned in an Instagram live with Lexi. She's in a relationship with James Caggino, a coach and a personal trainer.

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