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Conrad Dias

Conrad Dias

I have experience in news reporting and writing for various media houses since 2018. I am good at communicating with my sources and developing rapport. I have published multiple articles with my byline that dealt with various social and political issues. I have also worked as a sports reporter and sub-editor.

Logan Paul could face WWE star Kevin Owens at Royal Rumble as wrestling platform tries to plan epic clash

WWE is reportedly working to pit Logan Paul against Kevin Owens at Royal Rumble 2024
Dec 4, 2023

Joe Rogan and Dave Smith discuss 'hyper-inflation' and 'fractional reserve banking' during JRE podcast

Joe Rogan and Dave Smith spoke about the financial problems faced by people in the country
Dec 4, 2023

Jake Paul's opponent Andre August shares his views on KSI, Internet replies 'nobody knows you'

Social media users slammed Andre August after he said that he does not know who KSI is
Dec 4, 2023

Andrew Tate shares philosophical take on 'bad luck' ruining people's lives, Internet says 'our actions and attitudes impact us'

Andrew Tate took to social media to slam able-bodied people who blame their 'luck' for having unsatisfactory lives
Dec 4, 2023

Kai Cenat displays his phone's search history during livestream, stunned fans say ‘he searched what?'

Kai Cenat shared his phone's search history during a livestream and his fans were shocked to see the websites he visited the most
Dec 4, 2023

Dana White shares his take on Clay Guida with Joe Rogan: 'How about the chin on him still'

UFC CEO Dana White spoke to Joe Rogan about veteran fighter Clay Guida being so active and agile even at 41
Dec 3, 2023

Jake Paul takes a dig at fans for criticizing him for his upcoming fight against Andre August: 'Make up your mind'

Jake Paul expressed frustration over the criticism surrounding his selection of an opponent for his next fight scheduled for December
Dec 3, 2023

Adin Ross gushes over Miranda Cosgrove on chance encounter with actress at a party: 'You got me through my childhood'

Adin Ross took to social media to post about coming across 'iCarly' star Miranda Cosgrove and thanked her for being a part of his childhood
Dec 3, 2023

WWE legend Ric Flair discusses US champ Logan Paul’s growth in last 20 months: ‘I didn’t know that’

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair seemed impressed with Logan Paul's growth as a wrestler
Dec 3, 2023

Alex wins MrBeast's $450K challenge for enduring 45 days in grocery store, Internet calls it 'most creative ways to give charity'

Alex was approached by MrBeast in the video, with the challenge to spend as much time as possible inside the grocery shop
Dec 3, 2023

UFC champ Sean Strickland reacts to Joe Rogan hailing him for ‘heroic’ action against trespasser

Sean Strickland, the middleweight champion of the UFC, recently confronted a trespasser in his driveway
Dec 2, 2023

Randy Orton set to appear on Logan Paul's 'Impaulsive' podcast, Internet says 'gonna be great for business'

Logan Paul said, 'We just did Impaulsive with the legend, the legend killer I should say, Randy Orton, ladies and gentlemen'
Dec 2, 2023

Kai Cenat calls Adin Ross during live stream to confirm if he typed N-word in chat: 'Cancel his a**!'

Kai Cenat was perusing Reddit when he stumbled upon a video purportedly depicting Adin typing the N-word in a conversation
Dec 2, 2023

Jake Paul aspires to move to NFL and get signed by Nike after boxing: 'I’m gonna score a f**king touchdown'

Jake Paul also claimed that he has a campaign idea for Nike and thinks he's the 'prime example' of a Nike athlete
Dec 2, 2023

Dana White explains why Dillon Danis may never compete in UFC: 'Every time he's around, s**t's going down'

Dana White pointed out that the UFC does not like on-stage drama and does not need it to 'sell fights'
Dec 2, 2023

Tristan Tate quotes Elon Musk in viral tweet, Internet says 'weak men bow to money'

Tristan Tate's tweet quoting Elon Musk went viral, amassing 390k views and 10k likes within 24 hours
Nov 30, 2023

Adin Ross reveals Kanye West wants to go on livestream with him and Andrew Tate, Internet says 'let’s make this happen'

Kick streamer Adin Ross made a revelation that Kanye West wanted to do a livestream with him and Andrew Tate
Nov 30, 2023

UFC's Dana White praises Adin Ross for his attitude towards gambling: 'Zero fear of risk'

In an interview with NELK Boys, Dana White praised streamer Adin Ross for his approach to gambling
Nov 30, 2023

Jake Paul vs Andre August undercard bouts officially announced for December 15

Jake Paul is set to face Andre August in a non-pay-per-view main event on December 15
Nov 30, 2023

Jake Paul shares nostalgic post as he completes 3 years since boxing debut, Internet says 'do it again'

Jake Paul debuted as a boxer against Nate Robinson in 2020. Jake went into the ring as an underdog but emerged victorious
Nov 29, 2023