Woollim changes social media layouts for Drippin's comeback, leaves Lovelyz fans angry

Woollim includes disbanded group Lovelyz in rookie boy group Drippin's comeback promotions

                            Woollim changes social media layouts for Drippin's comeback, leaves Lovelyz fans angry
Fans and Lovelyz members left angry as Woollim did not give the girl group any comebacks which led to them disbanding (@Official_LVLZ/Twitter)

K-pop agencies like Woollim try new and creative promotional strategies for their artists so that their comebacks are successful and popular. We have all kinds of concepts or surprising collaborations to catch the eye of fans, as well as non-fans. And so, for rookie boy group Drippin’s latest comeback, everyone was surprised and excited when their teasers were released in the most novel way. However, their former labelmates, Lovelyz has also been roped in to promote them which Lovelinus (Lovelyz’s fandom) did not appreciate.

Woollim Entertainment’s latest boy group, Drippin is set to have their first comeback in 2022 with their third mini-album ‘Villain’. Promotions for it are already in full swing as they have started dropping concept teasers, the tracklist and trailers. Well, the K-pop group are going for a hacker concept as evident from all of Woollim’s social media accounts getting ‘hacked’. Last night, on January 5, fans noticed that all of Woollim’s accounts, including those of their artists like Infinite, Golden Child and even Lovelyz’s social media layouts had changed for a while.

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Woollim uses disbanded group Lovelyz for Drippin’s promotions

While Drippin fans were excited, Lovelyz’s fandom had a lot to say. Lovelyz was a third-gen girl group that had debuted in 2014. At that time, Woollim’s boy group Infinite was exceptionally popular and fans expected the same for Lovelyz. Unfortunately, after a couple of years, the girls started fading away due to their infrequent comebacks. In recent years, they only had one comeback in September 2020. We even had the members complaining over the lack of activities and so when their contract expired in November 2021, seven of the members left the label and disbanded.

Woollim was quick to remove Lovelyz’s name from their official website. However, due to their raging popularity in the mid-2010s, they still have several fans. And so when Woollim decided to include Lovelyz’s social media account for Drippin’s ‘hacked’ concept, many Lovelinus slammed them for allegedly using their former girl group for clout. We also had Drippin fans defending the strategy and asking the angry fans not to bash the rookie boy group for something that was not in their control.



We had Drippin fans explaining, “Woollim gg stans, please, we understand you're upset, but please at least once, give this moment to Drippin. Woollim is doing this because Drippin is the first one to have a comeback. I believe wllm can now multitask, but their artist can't have a cb at the same month! Please!” Another posted, “Sometimes I feel like the only reason why woollim can't do shit is because the stans themselves. Everytime they try something there's negative feedback and they never do it again.”

However, Lovelinus posted, “Wlm so f*cking shameless???? They're practically the reason why lovelyz disbanded and now they're using their acc to promote other artist like b*tch what?” Another shared why they were angry, “I mean if woollim didn't treat lovelyz so s**t until they went on their separate ways then it would be fine but lovelyz was disregarded completely while they were still under woollim, and even went to remove them from the woollim website while still in contract lmao.”






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