Will Lovelyz leave Woollim? 'Lovelyz Deserves Better' trends amid forced hiatus

Will Lovelyz leave Woollim? 'Lovelyz Deserves Better' trends amid forced hiatus
Lovelyz has been on a forced hiatus for a year (@official_lvlz8_/Instagram)

With just one month left for Lovelyz's contract with Woollim Entertainment to end, fans wonder what will happen. The third-gen girl group debuted in 2014 with the label that houses the iconic boy group Infinite. However, fans claim that Lovelyz has been fading under the label evident from their one-year forced hiatus. Their last comeback was in September 2020. And now with still no comeback in sight, some fans want the girls to leave the agency. And it looks like the members too might be agreeing with fans.

Jisoo of Lovelyz complained on a V Live that she held on October 12 and got frank with her fans. She acknowledged that she had heard the fans requesting for a comeback and the members themselves had asked the company. She also addressed trolls who had suggested that maybe Lovelyz didn’t want to work anymore and said they “weren’t mindlessly waiting.” This has upset fans who have taken to trending the situation on social media in hopes that Woollim notices.


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Jisoo and JIN speak up about Lovelyz’s hiatus

In fact, this is not the first time that Lovelyz has been vocal about their situation. JIN had talked about her group’s forced hiatus on an Instagram Live on October 9. She joked, “I forgot my job [as an idol] these days. If I only look at Instagram, I am a food blogger.” Jisoo added to it by saying, “We told them (Woollim) many times that we wanted an album… its not like we didn’t say anything. Our time is valuable too...i hope you guys realize that. I know its tough for you guys but i cant really say anything.”


With even major Korean news agencies covering the V Live, fans hope that Woollim will be held responsible. Many Lovelinus (the fandom) hope that Lovelyz will leave Woollim after their contract expires in November, and sign together at a different company. They hope that the girls’ potentials aren't wasted. A fan brought back the time when Kei said that her future goal had been for Lovelyz to get a music show win. They explained that it would be unfair for the group to disband before they could show everything that they had.


'Little hope'

Fans have been trending Woollim and #LovelyzDeservesBetter in hopes that something can be done. One tweeted, “At this point, i think, no lovelinus would even want lovelyz to renew at woollim because of how f*cked up they did with the girls. i am just hoping that they will renew altogether to one company, even if it seems impossible, i would still hold on to that tiny little hope of mine.” Another fan added that Woollim should show fair treatment to all of their artists, “If we go with this logic, all groups should be a main and be promoted since they rightfully deserve it and woollim should not try to downgrade them to a mere side idk how you managed to get this analogy.” One fan suggested, “Linus should do what highs did and fill woollim's blue doors with post-its asking why they're neglecting lvlz.” Another posted, “Lovelyz, leave woollim but pls not LOVELYZ we still need to see y'all performing.” One fan hoped, “I'm still waiting for the day that For You gets the rollin' treatment #Lovelyzdeservesbetter.”







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