Lovelyz's Jiae to go solo as she signs with YG Kplus, fans say ‘our girls are free’

Baby Soul and Mijoo were the first members to go solo after Lovelyz disbanded and now Jiae has signed new label YG Kplus

                            Lovelyz's Jiae to go solo as she signs with YG Kplus, fans say ‘our girls are free’
Jiae to act under new label YG Kplus (@9.3.0521/Instagram)

Till the last few weeks, every time Lovelyz was in the news, fans were exasperated as they only got bad news. From being on a forced one-year hiatus to disbanding, the third-gen girl group had seen better days. But while the K-pop group is not together anymore, fans are happy for them as the members are all going solo. Within a day of leaving their old label, Woollim, we are getting news of the girls getting signed to various entertainment agencies. In just a span of two days, we have three members going solo with Jiae signing with YG Kplus.

On November 17, it was reported that Baby Soul, the leader of the Lovelyz and the only member to still stay with the old label was starting afresh. Woollim dropped new headshots of her and stated that she would be going solo under her real name, Lee Sujeong. On the same day, we also had Mijoo signing with Antenna. The label houses musicians like Sam Kim, as well as entertainer Yoo Jae-suk. And fans are excited to see Mijoo branch out more as an MC and a TV personality.

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Lovelyz's Jiae branches out as actress

That’s not it. A few hours before the news of Baby Soul and Mijoo, we had rumors circulating around another Lovelyz member. Fans noticed that the CEO of YG Kplus, Ko Eun-kyung had started following Jiae on her Instagram. Even Jiae followed her back which further fuelled the rumors that maybe she had already signed a contract with YG Kplus. Well, it seems to be true as the news was confirmed on November 18. Jiae has signed an exclusive contract with the label who will be handling her activities in fields like singing, acting and on variety shows.

YG Kplus is a modelling agency founded by model Ko Eun-kyung. In 2014, it was acquired by YG Entertainment and is one of the many subsidiaries of the huge K-pop company. The label has signed the likes of international top model Hyoni Kang, ex-2NE1 star Sandara Park and Lee Ho-jung of ‘Nevertheless’ fame. They also have other popular K-drama actors like Jang Ki-yong and Lee Soo-hyuk which has fans excited for Jiae’s career as an actress.

'You deserved it'

Fans trended Lovelyz as they made tweets like, “Ok so is it time to tell people that Lovelyz members are sought after and are not as nugu as the haters think or do I have to wait for a little longer.” Another Linus commented, “Love how the new agencies still include 'Lovelyz' in their announcement.” One pointed out, “Mijoo and jiae as the first idol to sign to antenna and ygkplus? lovelyz paving the way (Yes i knew ygkplus hd trainees and debuted but idt i heard of renewing idols).”

Another fan added, “You deserved it!!!!! The way they still mentioned jiae as a lovelyz member and also will show her various charms in singing, acting, and variety(?) May you shine brighter there.” One said, “Lovelyz member really went from woollim to big names company we love to see it.” Another tweeted, “Finally our girls are free.”