K-pop group Lovelyz disbanded? Baby Soul and Mijoo announce next step in career

K-pop group Lovelyz disbanded? Baby Soul and Mijoo announce next step in career
Baby Soul and Mijoo to debut as soloists (@woollim_ent, @antennamusic/Twitter)

Lovelyz disbanded after the members' contracts with their label Woollim Entertainment ended on November 16. Last month, the K-pop girl group’s unreasonable hiatus had fans, as well as the members, talking about it. The popular third-gen group had debuted in 2014 and had several iconic hits like ‘Destiny’ and ‘Twinkle’. With the label also housing the immensely popular group Infinite, fans thought that the girl group would also continue to dominate the K-pop scene. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Mijoo and Baby Soul going solo.

Fans claimed that Lovelyz was fading under Woollim as their comebacks became rare. Their last studio album was in 2017 and their last comeback was in September 2020. Even though the EP, ‘Unforgettable’ did quite well and ranked #5 on Gaon Album Chart, that was the last time fans saw the K-pop girl group. Woollim put them on a hiatus for an undisclosed reason. However, with Lovelyz’s contract coming to an end in November, fans started trending ‘Lovelyz Deserves Better’ and asking for an explanation.

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Baby Soul and Mijoo begin their solo careers

We also had the members Jisoo and JIN speaking up about the hiatus. JIN joked that she had forgotten she was an idol. However, Jisoo was much blunter as she said that they were not on a hiatus because they were lazy as some trolls had suggested. Lovelyz themselves had asked the label for a comeback and that they were not mindlessly waiting. Unfortunately, the uproar caused by social media did not help the girls. 

On November 1, Woollim shared that seven out of eight Lovelyz members would not be renewing their contracts and leaving the label. Baby Soul, the leader of the group was the only one who was staying back and had renewed her contract. Fans had hoped that despite the girls leaving and signing under different labels, Lovelyz would still be together like Infinite and GOT7. But that is not the case. The girl group has officially disbanded on November 16 and the very next day, on November 17, we got some news on the future activities of some of the members.



According to Woollim, Baby Soul, the only Lovelyz member to stay back will be re-debuting as a soloist under her real name, Lee Sujeong. They explained that she wanted to start fresh with a new name and a new discography that would reflect her style. The idol had first debuted as a soloist in 2011 before she joined Lovelyz in 2014 as the group’s main vocalist.



We also got some news on Mijoo. While she is the main dancer of the group, she is also known as an entertainer and has been roped in for several variety show programs as an MC. She was on shows like ‘My Mad Beauty 2’ and ‘Sixth Sense’. As of November 17, she has joined the label Antenna Music. Founded by You Hee-yeol, it houses the likes of Sam Kim and Yoo Jae-suk.


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 K-pop girl group group Lovelyz disbanded? Woollim Baby Soul and Mijoo announce next step in career