Woodz 'Only Lovers Left': Release date, tracks and all about emotional mini-album

Woodz 'Only Lovers Left': Release date, tracks and all about emotional mini-album
Woodz is ready to release his third mini-album 'Only Lovers Left' (@woodz_dnwm/Instagram)

Cho Seungyoun or as the K-pop industry knows him, Woodz, is a soloist who has had it hard since the beginning of his career, but has finally made a name for himself and the only way to go for him is higher. Seungyoun made his solo debut as Woodz in June of 2020 with his first mini-album 'Equal'.


Due to the pandemic, his first solo showcase was held online on V Live, and which saw over 320,000 viewers concurrently and it amassed over 200 million 'hearts' on the platform.

He promoted the album on Korean music shows with the title song, 'Love Me Harder'. Woodz released his second mini-album 'Woops!' soon after his first in November of 2020, with the title track "Bump Bump". In the year 2021, Woodz continued his music journey with the single 'Feel Like' in March 2021. Now, Woodz has fans gearing up for his third mini-album releasing in October of 2021 with double title tracks.



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Release date

Woodz's third mini-album 'Only Lovers Left' will be released on October 5 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET).


How to listen

The mini-album will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn, and more.




1. 'Multiply'

2. 'Thinking Bout You'

3. 'Sour Candy'

4. 'Kiss of Fire' [Title Track]

5. 'Chaser'

6. 'Waiting' [Title Track]

The album will feature two title tracks - 'Kiss of Fire' and 'Waiting'. The album features six songs with all of them co-written by Woodz and other artists who collaborated with him. 




Woodz is making a return with an emotional concept as he sings about endless love that can move mountains and act as the light at the end of a tunnel. Woodz teased his album with the words: "The love that never ends. The lights that go out. Only the ones you love. It becomes the light that illuminates the destination," on the cover of the album.

The concept photos are dusky and movie-like, where Woodz is seen with long choppy hair for the first time; he is in a room and night lights from within the room light the frame and he is wearing an outfit that makes it seem he is ready to go out on a date.




As of September 28, Woodz has released the first music video teaser for his upcoming album. The teaser seems to be very emotional as it starts with a man walking down a dark hallway while the hands of a clock rotate rapidly in the opposite direction. Woodz is seen lying on the floor helplessly. Fans can see him screaming in the mirror as someone who looks an awful lot like Woodz himself knocks on the door. The other persona of Woodz shows a face full of loss, anguish, and pain as he burns a mysterious photo at the end of the teaser.


Watch the teaser below.



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 Woodz 'Only Lovers Left': Release date and all about this emotional album