Video captures brawl between Panthers and Spartans fans that left woman severely injured

When she tried to break up a fight between two men arguing over football, the woman was slammed into the ground

                            Video captures brawl between Panthers and Spartans fans that left woman severely injured
A woman was tossed to the ground while trying to play the peacemaker during a fight (Twitter/Malik)

A football match ended up in chaos after two spectators started a fight over a petty issue. The match took place between Pittsburgh Panthers and Michigan State Spartans on December 30 at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium at the Chick-fil- A Peach Bowl.

A video of the brawl has gone viral online. In the video, a middle-aged woman along with some other viewers could be seen trying to break the fight but instead ending up being tossed to the ground themselves. The clip has garnered over million views and thousands of comments over the woman who was tossed.


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The reason behind the beginning of this fight is not shown or addressed in the video shared on social media. There are three encounters between the two men. While one man initially walks away from the scene only to return mimicking a basketball jump shot and then blowing a kiss. At this point, the other man paces towards him, knocks a punch at that man as well as the woman who was standing in between the man and his adversary. 



A person watching the brawl yelled, "Look what you did." at the man while pointing towards the woman who was then laying on the floor. Several other bystanders were attending to the woman, providing her assistance. Another commenter said, "look what you did; it’s not worth it.” Soon after, the two 'fighters' fell on the floor and were grappling just before several bystanders were seen coming in to intervene and separate the two. 

Towards the end of the two-minute-long footage, cops are seen entering the premise and dispursing the people gathered to watch the fight. However, it is not sure if anyone has been arrested or they were let go. Also towards the end, the woman is seen getting up after the fall. 

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