Will Donald Trump launch his own social media app? 'Stay tuned' tweet sparks wild theories: 'It’s called Bitter'

Trump urged his followers to 'STAY TUNED!' as he claimed that Twitter is working with 'Radical Left and Dems' to silence him and to silence those who voted for him

                            Will Donald Trump launch his own social media app? 'Stay tuned' tweet sparks wild theories: 'It’s called Bitter'
Donald Trump (Getty Images)

After several warnings and a 12-hour ban on January 6, 2021, Twitter finally blocked and deleted President Donald Trump's account. The suspension news on January 8, 2021, came as a huge shock and led to much controversy on the micro-blogging platform. However, Trump soon found a way to slam Twitter through his official POTUS account.

In the four-tweet thread, Trump claimed that Twitter was not a network for "free speech" and hinted that he was now in talks to set up his own social media platform following his suspension. He urged his followers to 'STAY TUNED!' and claimed that Twitter was working with 'Radical Left and Dems' to silence him and to silence those who voted for him.

President Donald Trump (Getty Images)


"As I have been saying for a long time, Twitter has gone further and further in banning free speech, and tonight, Twitter employees have coordinated with the Democrats and Radical Left in removing my account from their platform, to silence me — and YOU, the 75,000,000 great patriots who voted for me," he tweeted. He further wrote: “We have been negotiating with various other sites, and will have a big announcement soon, while we also look at the possibilities of building out our own platform in the near future.”


Gary Coby, the digital director for the Trump campaign, was next on the chopping block after he appeared to change his username to Donald J Trump and in a tweet, offered the handle over to the president's Deputy Chief of Staff, Dan Scavino.

"@DanScavino texting you my Twitter login… I already updated the profile pic, name, etc. Feel free to use!" the tweet read.


As soon as the series of tweets got wild attention on the social media website, people started making fun of Trump along with some bizarre suggestions for Trump's website. One Internet user said, "Donald Trump has launched his own social media app... it’s called 'Bitter'." Another one said, "So @realDonaldTrump said he might be starting his own social media platform but how will that work if the app stores refuse to carry it?"



One said: "Donald Trump says he is looking into building out our own social media platform in the future. Stay tuned. The Trumpian Revolution is just beginning." Another one questioned: "When trump creates his own app and social media network, then when happens next after Apple and Google ban his app? Will he have to create a Trump phone ecosystem?"



Another one suggested, "I suggested de-platformed as the name of Trump's social media app. Slogan- we don't throw trash out here." Another one said, "#Trump needs to make his own social media app and call it TrumpSpace I would love to join and support my president."




The Trump-friendly social media app Parler has been pulled from the Google Play Store over concerns of violence. “In light of this ongoing and urgent public safety threat, we are suspending the app’s listings from the Play Store until it addresses these issues,” the company said in a statement. Moreover, Apple is reportedly threatening to pull Parler from the iOS App Store if stronger moderation policies are not enforced.

Reportedly, another pro-Trump forum called TheDonald.win saw some trouble after its chatroom server was shut down by its operator Discord. “We have a zero-tolerance policy against hate and violence of any kind on the platform, or the use of Discord to support or organize around violent extremism,” Discord said in a statement.

President Donald Trump (Getty Images)


“While there is no evidence of that server being used to organize the Jan 6 riots, Discord decided to ban the server called TheDonald today due to its overt connection to an online forum used to incite violence, plan an armed insurrection in the United States, and spread harmful misinformation related to 2020 US election fraud.”

Amid all the speculation, people can't stop wondering if he will actually launch his own social media platform. Going by his words, he seems to be planning something but there is no clear indication of what it is.