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Lamborghini accident: Woman mocked for rear-ending car in viral TikTok, but new video reveals TRUTH

Surveillance footage from a gas station that was initially released appeared to show Maddy's Audi slamming into the back of Matt Heller's Lamborghini
UPDATED NOV 24, 2021
TikToker @maddygilsoul1 (L) was accused of rear-ending a fellow TikToker's Lamborghini Aventador (TikTok)
TikToker @maddygilsoul1 (L) was accused of rear-ending a fellow TikToker's Lamborghini Aventador (TikTok)

A woman who was initially mocked on social media for allegedly rear-ending a $500,000 Lamborghini Aventador has shared new footage of the incident that could possibly vindicate her.

TikToker Matt Heller, who was apparently driving the Lamborghini, initially shared footage from the scene that showed a woman, named Maddy per her TikTok account @maddygilsoul1, approaching his car and accusing him of hitting the front of her vehicle while she was waiting in her black Audi at a red right. The clip also featured surveillance footage from a gas station that appeared to show Maddy slamming into the back of Heller's supercar. However, she released two videos of her own that tell a different story, Newsweek reported.


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Here's the original video shared by Heller on TikTok.


Meanwhile, the more recent video shared by Maddy shows an individual filming inside a gas station with a mechanical voiceover narrating the incident, "Matt Heller went into oncoming traffic on a red light because I didn't turn left on yellow. And then almost hit a person. My lawyers will be serving him with slander." The video then goes on to show another snippet of CCTV footage that begins in reverse with the Lamborghini going backward between the Audi and a cyclist. However, when played normally, the video shows the Lamborghini driving closely past the Audi and almost hitting the cyclist in a crosswalk.


While the Lamborghini continues to drive forward, the black Audi begins driving again. The video ends with a photo of the Lamborghini with scratches on the side that Maddy says appeared after he "he hit me from the front." Maddy's first clip, which has garnered more than 400,000 views, was captioned, "Goodbye to your reputation Matt I will be suing for defamation and slander." Meanwhile, a second, shorter video shared on her TikTok also showed images of the Lamborghini with scratches on the side of the vehicle from various angles. "Hit me from the front. Sideswiped me while I was at a red light... guess he didn't want to tell the whole story," she added.

The new footage appears to explain why Maddy initially blamed Heller for the accident in his video. Viewers can clearly see him hitting her car and driving away from the scene. But if Maddy followed Heller and intentionally struck the back of his vehicle while he was stopped, it could spell more trouble for her.

Social media users appeared torn that one party was primarily responsible.

"So the lady that hit the guy in the Lamborghini, showed a video where it appears he hit her first. So her hitting him was not an accident, it was #roadrage. That won't go well for her, hopefully, her defamation and slander lawsuit goes well, because she will need that money," one tweeted.

"That viral Lamborghini accident where everyone thought the girl was crazy, well she pulled receipts lol. She has video of the lamb hitting her car first," a comment read.

"Her insurance bout to be livid when they hear what she hit," another added.




"Since the story initially went viral, new security footage proves that Matthew Heller did not sideswipe a vehicle," a HornBlasters representative said in a statement. "Seen in context with the additional footage, the video evidence vindicates what Heller initially said on TikTok before the app censored him and let the media tell the narrative: Heller didn't cause this accident."