K-pop dominates Billboard's new Hot Trending Songs chart with 14 songs in Top 20

BTS' 'Permisson to Dance' was the most talked about song in the week of October 16-22

                            K-pop dominates Billboard's new Hot Trending Songs chart with 14 songs in Top 20
Billboard released a new chart to record the most talked about songs on Twitter and K-pop takes the lead on its debut chart (@BTS_twt, @ENHYPEN, @NCTsmtown_17/Twitter; @aespa_official/Instagram; Blackpink/YouTube)

K-pop has been dominating a lot of mainstream charts on the US Billboard's song charts. Over the last few months, aside from BTS, Twice as well as many other fourth-gen and third-gen groups have showed a strong presence on Billboard Hot 100, Billboard 200, Billboard Artist 100 and Billboard World Albums charts. With fourth-gen groups like TXT, Ateez, Aespa, Stray Kids, ITZY, and more charting on multiple charts, K-pop has been doing well globally.

As if these achievements were not enough, K-pop dominated the debut of Billboard's new chart in collaboration with Twitter -- 'Billboard Hot Trending Songs' chart, that will rank the world’s most talked-about songs. The chart updates every 24 hours while it also covers a weekly update releasing every Friday.


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'Hot Trending Songs'

For the chart, Billboard introduced the Top 20 tracks of the week that were the most talked-about songs on Twitter. With their debut chart that was released on October 23, 2021, the Top 20 songs that have been interacted with by fans over the last 24 hours as well as throughout the last week features a total of 14 songs from K-pop idols. Two more songs on the chart featured K-pop acts - Coldplay's 'My Universe' features BTS and ØMI's 'You' was produced by Suga of BTS.

With only four songs from International artists featuring on the chart, fans of K-pop could not be any happier. The chart was initially mentioned at Twitter’s Digital NewFronts presentation in May of 2021, where the global head of content, Jen Prince, said, “Music has for years been the No. 1 conversation on the platform.”

A representative from Twitter said that the chart would be a testament to the most talked-about songs from all over the world, and which will revolve around conversations surrounding announcements, comments about releases, trending tracks, as well as buzzworthy musical moments.


First-ever 'Hot Trending Songs' chart

The first-ever chart saw BTS' 'Permission to Dance' being the most talked-about song over the last seven days as well as the last 24 hours. 'Money' by Lisa and 'Tamed-Dashed' from Enhypen took the second and third positions on the chart. The song 'Lalisa' from Lisa's debut single album followed close at the fourth position. Coldplay became the first International artist on the chart at Number 5 with their song 'My Universe' featuring the biggest K-pop act, BTS.

The monster rookies Aespa came next at sixth position with their latest hit song 'Savage'. The seventh song on the chart was 'Butter' by BTS followed by NCT 127's 'Sticker' at Number 8. Stray Kids' 'Thunderous' followed closely at Number 9 and 'Dynamite' by BTS ranked at Number 10. The song 'The Feels' from Twice ranked 11 on the chart with two International artists following right after at Numbers 12 and 13. ITZY ranked at Number 14 for their song 'Loco'.

Enhypen followed that at Number 15 for their song 'Go Big or Go Home' followed by Coldplay at Number 16. The song 'You' by ØMI, which was produced by Suga of BTS, ranked at Number 17; followed by Enhypen's 'Just a Little Bit' at Number 18. IU's 'Strawberry Moon' was the last K-pop song on the chart making the total number of K-pop songs 14 on the chart.

The chart that was released on October 22 features 16 songs by or featuring K-pop idols among the Top 20 most talked-about songs on Twitter (@billboard.com)

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