Monster rookies Aespa hit 100 million views on 'Savage' music video in 17 days

With Aespa’s rising popularity, the group breaks a new record as ‘Savage’ becomes their fastest music video to cross 100 million YouTube views after its release

                            Monster rookies Aespa hit 100 million views on 'Savage' music video in 17 days
The K-pop rookies Aespa recorded 100 million views on their music video for 'Savage' on October 23 (@aespa_official/Instagram)

The K-pop group Aespa (stylized as aespa) has been smashing some records with their latest comeback with ‘Savage’. The SM Entertainment rookie group has become a new phenomenon in K-pop because of the way their songs have been received by fans over the past few months. It has only been 11 months since Aespa debuted with its single ‘Black Mamba’ and it seems the group is on a record-breaking spree. 

The music video from Aespa became the fastest music video from a debut group to cross 100 million views on YouTube making it their first new record in just 17 days. The music video for ‘Black Mamba’ took 51 days to reach the 100 million mark. Their next single, ‘Next Level’ became an overnight success and a viral hit as well.


Aespa becomes first 4th-gen K-pop girl group to hit #1 on World Album Sales

Aespa 'Savage' records 500K copies sold, band to attend 2021 Asia Artist Awards

The four members of the K-pop group aespa take their music to the next level with a sultry concept for the song, 'Savage' (SM Town/YouTube)

The song, ‘Next Level’ from Aespa was released in May 2021 and hit the 100 million views mark within 32 days of its release. Now the group has made their power-packed comeback with their first-ever album, ‘Savage’ as the group released the music video for the title track of the same name.

‘Savage’ surpasses 100 million views

Aespa’s recent comeback with the song, ‘Savage’ has helped the girls rise to the top by adding to their list of many records. As per the sales records, Aespa is now considered to be the first K-pop group from the fourth generation to record an unusual number of sales for a rookie group. The group recorded 500K plus sales within 15 days of the release of the album which is very noteworthy for a new girl group. The album from Aespa also broke another record as the group entered the US Billboard's main charts 'Billboard 200' and 'Artist 100' for the first time with the highest ranks among K-pop girl groups.

Not only these records, but Aespa has also smashed its own past record by hitting the 100 million YouTube views mark in 17 days since its premiere on October 5. Earlier this week, Aespa was also added to 10 Billboard Charts while the group became the first fourth-gen K-pop girl group to hit Number 1 on Billboard's 'World Album Sales' Chart.


Monster rookie Aespa’s monster records

The ‘Metaverse girl group' has also set multiple other records which are unbelievable for a rookie group. The song ‘Savage’ has surpassed 90,000 likes while the album has surpassed 20,000 likes on the domestic music platform, Melon. The group has also reached new peaks on Spotify by recording 4.68 million monthly listeners while the title song of the same name from ‘Savage’ has surpassed over 30 million streams on Spotify. The other tracks on the album have surpassed 2 million streams on the platform.

Not only that, the newly half-million seller group, Aespa has ranked first on the Idol Chart also known as ‘Acha Rankings’ for the second week of October with a total score of 12,922 points, including 893 points for music sources, 11267 points for YouTube, and 642 points for social points. ‘Savage’ from Aespa recorded amazing album sales as it exceeded 513,292 copies as of October 20 within 15 days of the release of the first mini-album ‘Savage’. Aespa was followed by Jessi, who took second place with a total score of 9647 points and was followed by BTS, IU, Lim Youngwoong, Lee Chanwon, Twice, Stay C, and Lisa of Blackpink.

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