Who is Wisdom Awute? Rapper from DaBaby entourage arrested for attempted murder after Miami shooting

Who is Wisdom Awute? Rapper from DaBaby entourage arrested for attempted murder after Miami shooting
Wisdom Awute (Miami Police Department)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Just hours after news broke of rapper DaBaby once again being interrogated by the police for a shooting that went down on Monday, May 31, a fellow rapper from his entourage has been arrested for attempted murder. Identified as Wisdom Awute, police documents reveal that he was part of a group of men who got into an altercation with the two victims of the shooting outside a Miami restaurant.

TMZ had broken the story, reporting initially that DaBaby was being questioned by Miami police after the shooting left two injured, with one critical. The incident happened just before midnight and near several popular restaurants at Miami Beach. DaBaby was released shortly after 1 pm on June 1, three hours after it was reported he had been taken in for interrogation. Several people were detained by 6:30 pm the same day, although no arrests had been made yet.


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Who is Wisdom Awute?

The 21-year-old rapper, who goes by the stage name Wisdom, was on the roster of DaBaby's Grammy-nominated 'Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment' label. He was involved in a Memorial Day shooting that happened at First Street and Ocean Drive near the Prime 112 steakhouse at Miami Beach. Awute has since been arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon, after he allegedly shot at the two victims, striking one of them in the leg.

According to the police report on Awute, the two victims were allegedly trying to get in their car around 11:20 pm on June 1, in front of the steakhouse when they got into a fight with a "famous musical entourage", reports The Miami Herald. Victims told the police, when they tried to run, Awute got his gun out and shoot one of them in the right calf. He was identified by the victim, according to the police report.

Awute and Christopher Urena left victim paralyzed

Another man called Christopher Urena was also arrested on a series of charges including attempted murder. Urena was also the one to shoot the victim who's in critical condition right now after being shot in the back, leaving the man paralyzed in the hospital. Urena was arrested after police were alerted that someone was fleeing the scene of the shooting in a black Chrysler 300. The car was pulled over nearby, and cops spoke to the only person in the car which was Urena. The two unidentified victims were transported to the Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Ryder Trauma Unit. One of them, who was shot in the shoulder, was released on Tuesday while the other one remained critical. 

This is the second time DaBaby was questioned by the police after he arrested last year in Beverly Hills for allegedly carrying a loaded firearm. The 29-year-old artist, whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, was “one of the many individuals” who were brought in for questioning after the overnight shooting, said cops. After he was released, police informed two arrested the two people they said “are responsible” for the shooting. 

“In less than 24 hours, Miami Beach detectives were able to ensure those responsible for the shooting were arrested and charged,” said Ernesto Rodriguez, Miami Beach police spokesman, on June 1. “We will now work closely with the State Attorney’s Office to ensure a successful prosecution.”

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