Is Joe Biden a DaBaby fan? Wild fan theories claim president is 'DaBaby in the flesh' after old photo surfaces

An old picture of Biden during a speech got the Internet talking as the president's hand gestures looked similar to that of DaBaby in his rap videos

                            Is Joe Biden a DaBaby fan? Wild fan theories claim president is 'DaBaby in the flesh' after old photo surfaces
An old photo of President Joe Biden has gone viral after it seems like he's making the same hand gesture that DaBaby made famous (Twitter)

The Internet can be a really weird place sometimes and mind-boggling fan theories about public figures only make it weirder. Now, in the latest, President Joe Biden is being hailed as a fan of rapper DaBaby a photo of him doing a similar hand gesture as the rapper went viral on Twitter. A few wild theories even claimed that the POTUS is DaBaby in the flesh.

An old photo of Biden during a speech got the Internet talking as he can be seen keeping his index fingers on both sides of his head, a sign which DaBaby made popular in his rap songs. The Internet went abuzz wondering if Biden was DaBaby’s fan as he referenced him knowingly or unknowingly. The picture is from the time when Biden was serving Barack Obama as vice-president.


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Joe Biden and DaBaby (Getty Images)

Is Joe Biden a DaBaby fan?

The connection between rappers and Joe Biden is not a new thing as when Biden was running for the presidential campaign, a lot of musicians, especially rappers, supported him openly. Hip-hop artistes like Diddy, Lil Dicky, Cardi B, MC Hammer, and 2 Chainz among a few others tweeted about supporting Biden during the elections.

In fact, Biden even used Eminem’s Academy Award-winning song ‘Lose Yourself’  for Michigan’s campaign video. Many believed that it was this video that led to his win in Michigan. Speaking of DaBaby, Biden has never mentioned about 29-year-old North Carolina rapper.

DaBaby rose to fame in 2019. His debut studio album ‘Baby on Baby’ in the same year peaked at number seven on the Billboard 200 whereas his second studio effort ‘Kirk’debuted at number one on the charts. The award-winning rapper is known for his hit singles like ‘Suge’, ‘Intro’ and ‘Bop’ among a few others. His recent track ‘Rockstar’ featuring Roddy Ricch, spent seven non-consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. 

President Joe Biden delivers remarks at The Queen theater on January 08, 2021, in Wilmington, Delaware (Getty Images)

‘I wonder if Joe Biden knows who DaBaby is’

As soon as the pic of Joe Biden seemingly referring to DaBaby’s hand gestures broke the Internet, social media users could not keep calm. Speaking on the same, one user said, “After some extensive research, and finding this photo, i can confirm that Joe Biden, is in fact, DaBaby in the flesh.”

One user tweeted, “My respect for Biden just tripled.” Another added, “I wonder if Joe Biden knows who DaBaby is.” One individual questioned, “Is Joe Biden actually dababy?” The next one posted, “Joe Biden wanting DaBaby to stop trending on twitter.”

Another said, “I'm ready to see #sex2 with my buddies #DaBaby and mr sir knight joe biden.” One user shared, “Anyways  Joe biden bopping to Dababy.” One user came up with his own theory and concluded, “All I’m saying is I’ve never seen Joe Biden and DaBaby in the same room.” 

DaBaby attends the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on January 26, 2020, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

















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