Will there be no Jisoo solo? Fans worry for Blackpink after seeing YG’s 2022 plans

Will there be no Jisoo solo? Fans worry for Blackpink after seeing YG’s 2022 plans
YG Entertainment may not have any plans in 2022 for Blackpink Jisoo's solo debut despite their promis made to eager fans back in 2020 (@sooyaaa__/Instagram)

With every single passing day, fans of the YG Entertainment powerhouse Blackpink worry about the future of the group in terms of their music career. The group members are doing well in terms of breaking records with all the projects they are a part of given their much-dedicated fanbase, Blinks, who are willing to support the girls through everything they do. With Lisa being the third member of the group to have a record-breaking solo debut with ‘Lalisa’, fans dearly await more music from the girl group but especially expect a solo debut from Jisoo.

Blackpink members seem to be everywhere in terms of their solo projects and brand endorsements with the latest being Jennie’s collaboration with the sunglasses brand, Gentle Monster for which participated in their 2022 collection - Jentle Garden and released a mobile game that has temporarily distracted fans who were imploring YG Entertainment to drop new music from the Blackpink girls, which needs to be Jisoo’s solo project - JS1.


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Will Jisoo get a solo debut?

Fans of Jisoo are now concerned after analysts reveal that YG’s music release plans for their artists do not certainly mention Blackpink. The group last dropped the single, ‘Lovesick Girls’ back in October of 2020 and now, even after 18 months since its release, Blackpink is yet to release new music. Blinks are also discussing how according to YG’s plans for 2022, a comeback and a concert from the boy group Treasure were the only two events listed for the first half of the year from the label.

Not only that but fans also suspect that the comeback from Blackpink will happen in May of 2021 and given the history of Blackpink, it is expected that Jisoo’s solo debut will be pushed back by a lot more than expected. Fans allege that YG Entertainment had promised fans that they would drop a Jisoo solo after the singer-actress finished the filming of her K-drama, ‘Snowdrop.’

With ‘Snowdrop’ already completely airing, Jisoo’s fans are getting restless with no news of a solo debut from the Blackpink member as well as a possibility of the solo debut being pushed back to 2023 altogether given YG’s upcoming plans.


‘Give us Jisoo solo first’

Jisoo’s fans are now angry as they demand a solo debut for the Blackpink member. One fan said, “NO we jisoo solo first then then girls can have cb In 2020, @ygent_official promised that Jisoo would make her solo debut after Snowdrop finished filming. We have still heard nothing! We demand an update on the status of Jisoo’s overdue solo debut. WHERE IS JISOO SOLO UPDATE?” Another fan said, “Blackpink please fight for your right. And jisoo please don't be too selfless, you gotta do what's beneficial for you stop thinking about others put yourself first please... We've been waiting for your solo for soooo longggg... I can't take it anymore.”

One Jisoo fan said, “You're asking for a concert without considering JS1 debut? Are you for real? You want Jisoo to sing covers again while the three girls sing their own songs? Heck that mini album is still a no for me, what with a remix included.” One more fan said, “Give us jisoo solo first!” One fan asked, “It's been exactly 3 YEARS @ygent_official first statement mentioning JS1 and till now we still haven't heard anything! it wasn't even listed in the YG's 2022 plans report. snowdrop filming finished in July, the last solo was released in Sept. GIVE US AN UPDATE about #JISOO SOLO!”

One fan said, “Can we please get Jisoo’s solo first.” Another fan said, “at first the promised comeback was on the 1st quarter then got moved to the 2nd quarter now to the 3rd quarter... that company even promised jisoo's solo after snowdrop and like we havent even got JNK1... yg is ruining their career hoping they leave that company.” Another fan said, “I'm telling you, if they don't give jisoo a solo and a group comeback this year, I'm leaving, I gotta put me first.”














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