'Actress Jisoo' trends after Blackpink singer's Disney Plus interview for 'Snowdrop'

Jisoo of Blackpink was seen in an exclusive interview with Disney Plus Korea for the K-drama ‘Snowdrop’ alongside co-star Jung Jaein

                            'Actress Jisoo' trends after Blackpink singer's Disney Plus interview for 'Snowdrop'
Jisoo from Blackpink has bagged her first lead as an actress with 'Snowdrop' (Disney Plus Korea/YouTube)

Fans believe ‘Snowdrop Era’ is here after Blackpink’s Jisoo made her appearance in an exclusive interview for K-drama ‘Snowdrop’ with Disney Plus, Korea, ahead of the release of the drama.

On October 29, Disney Plus’ official South Korean Instagram and YouTube handles posted a 55-second clip with the singer who will make her first lead appearance in the December show.

In the exclusive interview, Jisoo talked about many things ensuring fans were swept off their feet as she answered entertaining questions. Jisoo is going to make an appearance in the lead role alongside popular actor Jung Jaein, who is known for his appearances in romantic K-dramas ‘One Spring Night’ and ‘Something in the Rain’. Jung Jaein himself appeared in a similar video that was released on the same accounts on October 28.


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Jisoo’s old friend, Disney

The short interview began with a cold open clip where Jisoo was told that her favorite characters from Disney were present in the studio with them while the singer and actress cutely responded with, “Oh really?” appearing all shocked as she questioned the staff, “There’s Toy Story, too? Moana? Coco? Are they all here? Oh, that is nice,” as she clapped her hands in glee. The video then panned to Jisoo talking to the camera and introducing herself as she said, “Hello, I am Jisoo.”

Jisoo went on to add how she felt like Disney was always around her and she felt very close to the network. Jisoo pointed that she really enjoys traveling to Disney World whenever she goes abroad. She then added how she visits the Disney store often, and growing up, she liked to watch a lot of Disney movies. She narrated how she loved the movies so much so that she ended up watching ‘Rapunzel’ more than 50 times.


Jisoo mentioned Blackpink

Blackpink’s Jisoo also talked about her fellow band members as she said, “Our fellow members really like Disney, so I remember singing together and braiding each other’s hair,” as she reminisced the incident as something she had witnessed with an old childhood friend. Jisoo finally ended the short clip by saying, “Disney feels like an old friend to me.” In the clip, Jisoo was seen talking to the camera on the same set as that of actor Jung Jaein who had a similar interview a day prior.

Fans, who were able to see the two stars in a similar setup began to wonder if the two main leads of the show had shot anything special for fans together, ahead of the release of the K-drama. It is amazing to note that Jisoo, who was only seen in cameo acting appearances in the past, has bagged her first lead role with JTBC's ‘Snowdrop’ which will also air exclusively on Disney Plus in December of 2021.


#ActressJisooInterview for 'Snowdrop'

Fans of Jisoo were quick to discuss her appearance on the clip as they started trending '#ActressJisooInterview'. One fan said, "She is gorgeous!! Can't wait for Snowdrop." Another fan said, "SnowDrop Era has started and I can't believe we're going to have 16 Episodes of Kim Jichu starring as a Lead Actress. JISOO AT DISNEY PLUS."

One more fan added, "Actress Jisoo era is finally here." Another fan said, "Only 55 seconds🤧 but still got the actress vibe!!" One Blink said, "Jisoo is literally the prettiest idol and actress ever." One more fan said, "Actress Jisoo first promo for snowdrop." Another fan pointed, "Actress Jisoo everyone."














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