'Be careful': Video of Will Smith warning TV host about praising Jada resurfaces after slapgate

'Be careful': Video of Will Smith warning TV host about praising Jada resurfaces after slapgate
Will Smith's 2010 video shows the actor warning Pablo Motos on Spanish show El Hormiguero to 'be careful'(El Hormiguero/Twitter)

Oscars 2022 will forever be associated with the resounding slap Will Smith gave to presenter and comedian Chris Rock because of a bald joke made at the expense of Jada Pinkett Smith. However, Will apparently is known to warn people not to mess with his wife. Now, a clip from 2010 has gone viral after social media looked at Will's behavior in earlier such instances. In the old video, Will is seen jokingly threatening a TV host saying, "Careful with what you say to my wife."

This video is gaining heavy traction again as Will is already making the headlines. On Sunday, March 27, Will walked up to the stage at the 94th Academy Awards and slapped Rock across the face for a joke during his opening monologue. Rock made a G.I. Jane joke and directed it at Jada. This reminded fans of the incident on the popular Spanish talk show 'El Hormiguero'


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Pablo Motos, the host of this Spanish talk show 'El Hormiguero' complimented Jada and told her she looks 'beautiful' before discussing her then rising career. At this point, Will interjected as their son, Jaden shook his head. Will warned Pablo, "Pablo, be careful with the words you use for my wife, okay?" in Spanish as he raised his hand at the presenter of the popular TV show. The presenter is seen mockingly raising his hands and taking a step back.


Once Will was done defending Jada, he motioned Pablo to continue talking. As Pablo resumed hosting, Will leaned in as a way to show how closely and attentively he was listening to every word of the host. The audience, after observing this behavior, broke into laughter. However, when the host complimented Jada on her success in Hollywood and her movies, Will simply said, "Very good, very good."

But this approval was short-lived. Host Pablo continued to praise Jada as he told her that she is beautiful 'outside and in'. Overprotective husband Will jumped in again and said, "Cuidado, cuidado'. This translates to "Be careful" in English. 

Despite the tension during the episode, Pablo gave Jada a hug and Will a high five before they left the show. So it could be concluded Will was just bluffing about his threats. But social media sees it differently. Spanish film lover Toni Morejon said of the old video: "Will Smith ya avisó en su día a Pablo Motos de lo que le podía pasar," which when translated means: "Will Smith already warned Pablo Motos way back what could happen to him".

Will Smith appears to slap Chris Rock onstage during the 94th Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on March 27, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Getty Images)

Following the unfortunate incident at the Oscars, people are shocked at Will's behavior, while some say he did it to protect his wife. People also know this is not the first time Will has been known to slap someone. Ukrainian reporter-turned prankster Vitalii Sediuk recalled the moment he was pushed and given a backhanded slap to the face after he hugged and tried to kiss Will on the red carpet at a premiere in Moscow.

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