Will K-pop group DIA disband? Fans confused as agency mentions no plan of renewal

DIA has been on hiatus since 2020 and their 2021 album never saw the light of day

                            Will K-pop group DIA disband? Fans confused as agency mentions no plan of renewal
DIA to release an album before their contract ends in September 2022 (@mbk.dia/Instagram)

With many of our favorite third-gen groups debuting in 2015, 2022 is about to get tough since their standard 7-year contract is soon coming to an end. This means an uncertainty around the renewal or disbandment of groups like Monsta X, TWICE and iKON. Groups like Seventeen and N.Flying renewed their contracts in advance while GFriend and April disbanded. And now, fans are worried about the status of girl group DIA.

DIA is a six-member girl group that debuted back in September 2015 under the K-pop label MBK Entertainment, home to some iconic second-gen groups like Speed and T-ARA. DIE was pretty successful in the late 2010s as they were always on the charts and did well during their comebacks. Unfortunately, they started fading away from the spotlight as their comebacks started getting less frequent. Member Somyi created an uproar in January when she decided to leave and become an adult broadcaster hinting that DIA might not be doing too well.

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DIA’s contract to end in September

And it looks like DIA just might be disbanding. On May 11, it was reported that DIA would be making a comeback with the current six members in August. However, reports came in that it would be their last album since their contract with their current agency PocketDol Studio is set to expire in September. It was also revealed that DIA would be disbanding and the members would be going their separate ways after the comeback period.

In response to the disbanding report, PocketDol Studio released an ambiguous statement. The agency shared, “We are still discussing details about the last album to be released in August.” They also addressed the members’ contracts, “There is still a little time left. We don't know if the August album will be their last album.” But with the label not mentioning any plans of contract renewal and DIA’s last comeback being two years ago, many are assuming that the girl group just might be leaving PocketDol Studio if not disbanding.


'I hope they end on a banger'

Fans made posts like, “Oh wow wasn’t expecting a comeback It does seem that it’s likely that this will be their last so I hope they end on a banger.” Another fan tweeted, “That agency have mistreated the girls for so long! i hope the members can be free from that company asap!” One fan was angry, “So you kept them in dungeon without comebacks and now pretend like you don't know if this is the last one.” Another said, “At least we get proper warning before disbandment this time, I prefer this much more than placing a group in forever hiatus. Glad to see Chaeyeon is joining this comeback, it’s going to be bittersweet.” One fan wrote, “DIA has only ever released BOPS! If this is the end, it makes me sad, but at least it will end on their own terms. But we don’t know if it is! I hope we can support them enough that they stay and keep feeding us. They only put out bops so I know it’ll be a bop.”






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