'WTF PARK JIMIN': Fans hyperventilate as BTS Jimin's shirtless photo for Weverse magazine drops

'WTF PARK JIMIN': Fans hyperventilate as BTS Jimin's shirtless photo for Weverse magazine drops
Jimin's Weverse Interview for 'Proof' takes over Twitter as fans drool over his shirtless kimono look (BTS/Weverse)

While it is not big news that BTS members are now going to focus on their solo careers after dedicating the last nine years of their lives to BTS and its growth. With more time in their hands to focus on the music they want to present to fans to tell their own stories as opposed to what fans wanted to hear from BTS as a group, the members will make their solo debuts in 2022 starting with Jungkook. But it seems like Chapter 2 of BTS is more than just their solo debuts for one person in particular.

Jimin of BTS debuted with the boy group at the age of 17 and like Jungkook, the maknae, he and V (Kim Taehyung) too spent most of their teen years as a part of the HYBE (then Big Hit Entertainment) boy group. Growing up as an idol usually is not very ideal for young individuals as they are looked at as the "representatives" of the young generation and this usually takes away these individuals' respective youth. In his Weverse Magazine interview that was released on June 18, Jimin of BTS spoke about these issues and revealed what exactly he intends to do with his future solo music that will be released in the days to come. 


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Will Jimin release sensual songs as a soloist?

In his Weverse interview, he was asked about what he felt about the recent BTS comeback and what his future would look like. The 27-year-old BTS member got candid when he told the magazine that he was only starting his new journey as a solo artist now. Unlike other BTS members, Jimin actually did not focus on his solo career at all and it seems like this new BTS hiatus will serve him best to explore his three ideas. Jimin was asked what he feels about his future songs, and the singer mentioned something that made heads turn. Jiming said, "Maybe I can be just a little more explicit." Jimin elaborated, "I just think I can show something a little more raw about me."

The singer went on to talk about his mature side and how he wanted to show that he is not just the mochi that fans love but there is something raw to him that fans will hopefully get to see in the future. He said, "That might include a more mature side, too, but what I’m really interested in is showing something closer to my real, personal rawness directly in a format like music or music videos. By doing so, I think maybe I can show something I never have before."


Jimin then went on to explain that by being raw he means he wants fans to hear his unfiltered thoughts. He stated, "My thoughts are already well-represented on BTS’ albums, but, you know, some of the older members have already dealt with some darker material on their solo mixtapes. I think I’m trying to do something similar."


'Stop looking at him'

With Jimin mentioning his upcoming songs and the way he plans to show himself to fans in the future, going shirtless for the interview seems like the right thing for him but fans are losing their guns as they hyperventilate over his features on Twitter. One fan said, "OMG PARK JIMIN SHIRTLESS." Another fan joked, "We actually need a bangtan bomb of this weverse magazine photoshoot, i need bts’ reaction to shirtless jimin because i know them so i know they were extremely homosexual about it."

One more fan said, "F**KNG HEELL PARK JIMIN WHAT." One more fan said, "PARK JIMIN SHIRTLESS IN HD." A fan exclaimed, "All my dreams have come true...thank you universe...I mean Weverse." One fan said, "If someone told you stop looking at him what are you gonna supposed to do? You should keep looking at him and let's all go crazy head over heels for him we are one so we all need to get crazy together HAHAHAAHAHAH GO CRAZY AHHH GO CRAZY AHHHH."

One more fan said, "Jimin’s boobies may have single handedly healed both my anger at weverse and my pain over my f**ked up poster and my boys going away so thank you to the Jiddies." One fan clarified, "With explicit in jimin's interview in weverse magazine, isn't (it can be) sexual but it's basically saying this album or these new song/s that I'm working on is who i am, this is what i want to show you etc." Another fan said, "Omg Jimin’s Weverse magazine shoot is soooo cool!"
















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