Was BTS teasing at hiatus all along? Fans finally understand the hints from members

Was BTS teasing at hiatus all along? Fans finally understand the hints from members
Fans point out the small hints BTS has been giving fans before they officially announced their hiatus on June 14 (HYBE; Twitter)

While BTS may have become one of the biggest boy groups in the world over the last few years, it is true that being a K-pop idol is not easy. With aspiring artists making their debut under major labels that follow a strict system, idols are often times typecasted in certain roles. Many former idols have talked about this which is why the HYBE boy group announcing their hiatus has drawn attention to the robot-making system in K-pop. On June 14, BTS members gathered together for their ninth-anniversary celebration - BTS Festa, and delivered the hardest news they have ever delivered to fans in their career.

The members revealed that the members would be going on a hiatus temporarily and would come back as a group someday in the future. Soon after the announcement, fans were finally able to put two and two together when they started seeing through the hints that were there all along. In the video, it was revealed that BTS members' contracts with their dorms had expired which is why the members needed to leave their dorms.


Why is BTS going on a hiatus? Real reason behind the group suddenly leaving the dorms

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Members of BTS get together for their 9th-anniversary celebrations for BTS Festa only to reveal that the boy group was going on a temporary hiatus to focus on solo gigs (BangtanTV/YouTube)

BTS had been hinting at their hiatus all along

Using their expired accommodation contracts as a perfect opportunity, BTS decided to leave their dorms to live in their individual accommodations. This would mean that the boys would be taking a temporary hiatus to focus on their solo activities outside of BTS' group activities and would only come back as a group when they felt like it. The nature of their future contracts is still unknown, fans can be sure that BTS is not going to disband as their artist contracts with HYBE will be going on for the next five years until 2027. As members announce this new hiatus, there are a lot of activities fans can expect from BTS in the days to come.

From rapper, J-Hope becoming the first member to announce his first solo headlining event at the 2022 Lollapalooza festival in the US this August, his recent interview with Weverse Magazine also revealed his comeback plans for his solo gigs. Members Jin and V (Kim Taehyung) too have always dreamed of pursuing their acting careers, so new projects could finally be opening up for the two and possibly more BTS members.

In their 2022 Festa video, Jimin mentioned that he too was working on a solo song and told fans that Suga of BTS was the producer for it while Jin was asked to feature in it. All these statements are reassuring to fans that BTS was indeed not going anywhere but was just expanding into becoming better versions of themselves.

BTS in a still from their recent comeback single, ' Yet To Come' (HYBE Labels/YouTube)

'The lyrics make much more sense now'

Now as the news of BTS' hiatus finally sinks in, fans are looking back at the last few years and even possibly the HYBE boy group's last comeback with 'Proof' as they point out that the hints of BTS going on a hiatus were right in front of them for so long. One fan said, "Now I understand why in BTS World they say it’s the finale. The universe really tried to give us hints about Tannies’ hiatus." Another fan said, "Bts are going on a hiatus. I'm not surprised, considering the album, all their new songs and messages were giving us a hint. It's just difficult to process life without them.I'll always be rooting for them but there's always fear with groups going on hiatus.I'll miss you." One more fan said, "But speaking of bts actually releasing their best of album is a big hint either they going for hiatus or for kpop usually go for military service… Usually after 10 years artist would make a best of and go for hiatus. Anyway good luck for solo project my boys!!"

One fan pointed out, "They actually gave us a hint about the hiatus that would happen through the lyrics of yet to come "the past was honestly the best, but my best is what comes next" A fan said, "I still can’t accept the fact that they are going into hiatus. omg i am crying @BTS_twt opening individual Instagram account, album name ect they are giving hints to us. i am denying every single hint huuu." One more fan said, "The break in Run BTS, the anthology album, the separate Instagram IDs were all hints to a new and different journey. #BTSBestFriendsOfMyLife. BTS HIATUS." One fan said, "BTS' hiatus was supposed to begin after the ON release, meaning MOTS7 was going to be their last album before their break. Black Swan was a part of the MOTS7 album. The lyrics now make so much sense." One fan said, "I'm not sad about this. I feel heavy hearted but I'm also happy and excited for what is yet to come. this is like graduating." Another fan asked, "Was seokjin mentioning variety shows in his weverse mag interview a hint to the run bts variety show to continue filming even while on hiatus?"













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