Why do Girls' Generation fans still fight over Jessica's past with group a decade later?

Why do Girls' Generation fans still fight over Jessica's past with group a decade later?
Since there is no clarification over Jessica Jung's exit from Girls' Generation, the fandom is often divided whenever she's mentioned (@jessica.syj, @sooyoungchoi/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Girls' Generation aka SNSD reunited after 5 years for their 15th debut anniversary in the most meaningful way by releasing an album, a reality show, and a fanmeeting (concert and meet and greet). But during their fanmeeting, they performed songs that have struck a chord among fans of former group member Jessica. While they currently have eight members, Girls' Generation had actually debuted with nine members in 2007.

Jessica Jung was a Korean-American K-pop idol who debuted with Girls' Generation. She was a popular member and the main vocalist with a lot of iconic parts in the group's songs, choreography and music video. And so when she exited the group in 2014, she took with her a lot of fans who are still defending her against those who think she wronged Girls' Generation.


SNSD fans clash as ex-member Jessica Jung's fictional novel 'Bright' seems too in touch with reality

'Bright': Knetz wonder if Jessica shaded Girls' Generation for publicity for her brand

Fans of Girls' Generation wonder if Jessica Jung's novel, 'Bright' is inspired by real-life events from her time with the girl group (SM Entertainment; @jessica.syj/Instagram)
While Girls' Generation currently has 8 members, they had debuted with a 9th member -- Jessica Jung (SM Entertainment; @jessica.syj/Instagram)

Why did Jessica leave Girls' Generation?

There has been much misunderstanding as Jessica's exit has still not been clarified. She had first shared that she had been forced out of the group and blacklisted by Girls' Generation's label, SM. She later said that she did not hold any ill-will. But she also wrote two fictional novels where she hinted that she had been bullied when she was in the girl group. On the other hand, there were rumors that Jessica did not prioritize SNSD, was rude, and wanted to have her own business.

Many fans of the group still think that she was kicked out due to her lack of commitment to Girls' Generation. But since none of these rumors have ever been confirmed, the fandom is divided into those who believe Jessica and those who believe SM Entertainment, which often leads to fights and debates. Well, while Girls' Generation held their first fanmeeting in 5 years, some SONEs (Girls' Generation's fans) couldn't help but bring back Jessica's time in the group when the members sang songs that she had been a part of.


No love lost among OT8 fans

When a fan tweeting that they found SNSD's eight-member performance of 'Genie' - which was released when Jessica was still part of the group - better, it led to a fierce debate in K-pop Twitter. OT8 fans (those who only support the current eight members) made tweets like, "Honestly, what do j*ssica stans EXPECT after 8 years? are snsd supposed to leave massive holes in formations/choreo just to “honor her legacy”? it’s time to move on. she was a part of the group and nothing will change that, but she is not in the group TODAY. let it rest."

Another shaded Jessica, "Now i know why snsd is silent all the time because action speaks louder than words. These 8 amazing women prove to protect snsd & sone, fought the hardest battle for snsd & sone, sacrificed their time to keep snsd alive & to make sone happy. These 8 amazing women are precious." One fan posted, "There's nothing to fight over. covering jessica's lines is not "erasure", she's not there anymore so someone has to, snsd has 8 singers who are perfectly capable of that. missing her voice is a personal feeling, saying tiffany can't sing is a blatant lie."




Jessica fans defend her

A fan of Jessica commented, "Sones every chance they get to speak about jessica:." Another fan shared, "Pls as if Jessica wasn’t forced to leave the groups bc she couldn’t choose between her idol dream and her personal dream. Y’all just be saying shady shit out loud when y’all should be happy about this comeback. Swallow that poisonous tongue and stfu."

One SONE added, "The likes....😐 it's become really annoying seeing ot8 pretending that Jessica never cared for the group and worked hard to support her members. People who were outside of the fandom at the time believing every lie they say are also getting on my nerves." One even made a thread, "Since people always said that Jessica only spread hatred towards her former members, I think I need to brought up some proof that she's not."





One couldn't figure out why SONEs were fighting, "Nowhere in the original tweet does it say the original as 9 was better (it is) they just stated it sounded different (it does)... so why are y'all so defensive? you can be an ot8 stan and still admit jessica was a talented vocalist who added A LOT to snsd songs regardless of 930!" Another pointed out, "The qrts are acting as if jessica was only in this group for 3 cbs…..ofc ppl are gonna miss one of the main vocalists that’s been in the group for 95 percent of the songs."



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