Why did SM leave out Doyoung of '2 Baddies' album? NCT 127 fans say 'unacceptable'

Why did SM leave out Doyoung of '2 Baddies' album? NCT 127 fans say 'unacceptable'
NCT 127's Doyoung missing from '2 Baddies' digipack version (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: NCT 127 is back with a bang with their album '2 Baddies'. And while fans are hooked to the earworm chorus and are singing "2 Baddies 1 Porsche," spirits were dampened once the album was shipped out. On September 16, NCTzens (NCT's fandom) created an uproar after they realized Doyoung had been left out of the album design.

A fan who had bought Haechan's version of the digipack clicked a photo of the back of the photo booklet and shared it online. The back of the '2 Baddies' booklet has a group photo but Doyoung is missing. While NCT has 23 members, their sub-unit NCT 127 only has nine active members which had many wondering why SM Entertainment had left out Doyoung.


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SM explains why Doyoung was missing

Following the uproar, SM Entertainment released a statement. It seems that there had been a misprint for NCT 127's digipack version of '2 Baddies'. They apologized for not carefully checking and approving the album versions during the production process. However, it will be difficult to fix the wrong album as they have already been shipped out to fans.

Instead, SM Entertainment will reprint the digipack photo booklet with Doyoung present and resend it to those who got the wrong version. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Doyoung has been left out. In the 'Limitless' album back in 2017, his name was missing on the album cover art.

'It's personal'

One fan posted, "No it’s personal cause they forgot him on the limitless packaging too :/ i rmr how we got an extra little strip of their names cause the original one didn’t have doyoung." Fans took to Twitter to protest before SM addressed the situation, "Doyoung is missing in the group photo at the back of the digipack album version. This is unacceptable and unfair on Doyoung and fans' part. We demand @NCTsmtown_127 @SMTOWNGLOBAL to take action on this."

They also sent supportive messages like, "Hoping that just like this cover of yours, only beautiful things will come your way from now on. the amount of respect you have for your craft is what you deserve as an artist as well. THANK YOU FOR SINGING DOYOUNG #DoyoungTeamAlways."


One fan commented, "THE MONEY MAKER??? YOU DO THIS TO YOUR BEST EMPLOYEE???" Another fan said, "Everytime I think SM can't get anymore incompetent they just prove me wrong." While NCT 127 only has nine members, one joked, "When you have 127 members, one or two might be overlooked." Another fan sad, "I thought that he was missing a solo photo in a lyric booklet or something which would be slightly more understandable but there’s just straight up only 8 figures on the back… no one at sm can count."



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