'Neo City The Link': NCT 127 drop only 2 US dates of 2021 world tour, fans say 'slap SM'

'Neo City The Link': NCT 127 drop only 2 US dates of 2021 world tour, fans say 'slap SM'
Fans beg label SM to release all of the world tour dates in one go for NCT 127 (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: NCT 127’s second world tour 'Neo City: The Link' just might be getting managed in the weirdest way possible. It was announced in the second half of 2021 but fans only got dates for the Seoul concert. All of the dates were not announced together with SM dropping venues and dates one by one which frustrated fans who had no clue if they need to fly to a different country or if NCT 127 will be attending their hometown. With SM Entertainment now announcing only two dates for 'Neo City: The Link' US tour, NCTzens (NCT’s fandom) are tired.

'Neo City: The Link' world tour began in December 2021 with three concerts in Seoul. After almost a 6-month break, we got the next five stops in Japan in May and June 2022. NCTzens celebrated as it was NCT 127’s first Japan dome tour. Well, a month later, in July we got one concert in Singapore, however, Yuta was not present as he ended up getting Covid-19. Next, we have one September concert in Manila. Finally, in October we have gotten two dates for LA and Newark for the US leg. NCT 127 is also having a comeback ‘2 Baddies’ on September 16.

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NCT 127 fans plead for all of the world tour dates

Some fans were thinking of boycotting NCT 127’s latest comeback, but NCTzens said, “Just feel sorry for nct 127 who were so eager to meet their fans again & hear their cheers & 127zens who've been longing to see the boys & had high anticipation for the tour. however, boycotting should never be the option. instead, let's show our fandom's power & slap sm's ego.” Similarly, one fan tweeted, “Dear 127zens, we know SM is shitty when it comes to their management but DON'T BOYCOTT 2 BADDIES just continue supporting NCT 127 and by doing this we may get the entire tour dates sooner.”



Another added, “Nct 127 WORLD tour people.” One fan was frustrated, “US Tour?? thats not US tour if only 2 cities from the country...wakakkakaka...NCT 127 has the messiest schedule among all SM idol groups..they don't have a fix time for comeback teasers too..” One NCTzen joked, “Me traveling to see nct 127 since they’re only going to 2 spots in the whole entirety of north america.” Another fan was angry, “There's only a pandemic when it comes to nct 127 it's not like sm is having shows with thousands and 20 groups just flew to the states for kcon three days ago.”





'If you hate 127 just say that'

An NCTzen added, “Was almost a year not enough to plan and book venues? I thought they started tour earlier so their company can secure more stops even at the expense of the members' health when they announced the 3-day kr con during a hectic month and made nct 127 overworked. it's nonsense!!!” Another commented, “How can ppl insist to be "optimistic" when 127zens call out sm? sm have been messing nct 127 world tour for almost a year now, their comebacks being pushed to 4th quarter, and their promotions being rushed to give way for the brand. if you hate 127 just say that and go?”



One fan joked, “In today's society the shrek rave has more tour dates than nct 127. makes you wonder who's really owning neon green now.” An NCTzen made a reaction meme, “Nct 127’s tour:           Other groups tour:.” With the last-minute bookings and limited concerts, another added, “Me trying to get tickets to nct 127.”




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