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After BTS and Stray Kids, NCT 127 concert targeted by ticket scalpers, fans say 'so unethical'

Fans are upset at Ticketmaster for allowing scalpers to buy and resell tickets at a much higher price for BTS, Stray Kids and NCT 127's US concerts
UPDATED AUG 30, 2022
Fans were unable to get tickets for NCT 127's US concerts (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)
Fans were unable to get tickets for NCT 127's US concerts (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: While NCTzens (NCT’s fandom) are pretty excited for the barrage of content from NCT Dream’s first full group concert to NCT 127’s comeback and world tour, there are also some challenges. Many were confused with the way SM Entertainment was managing NCT 127’s world tour ‘Neo City: The Link’. Despite planning the world tour in 2021, they were announcing tickets only for one concert at a time just before it took place. Fans' were even more frustrated as they now have to face ticket scalpers for the US concerts just like BTS and Stray Kids fans.

Tickets for NCT 127’s US concerts began on Tuesday, August 30, through Ticketmaster. At the moment, the boy group will be performing in Los Angeles on October 6 and Newark on October 13. And while the tickets were almost sold out in 10 minutes, actual fans did not get the tickets. US fans have tons of grievances with Ticketmaster, the official ticket-selling site that manages K-pop concerts of artists like BTS and Stray Kids. Their tickets had been bought off by bots and scalpers and resold at exorbitant amounts.

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Scalpers resell NCT 127 concert tickets at higher price

With K-pop Twitter already witnessing the extortion of ticket scalpers during BTS’ ‘PTD on Stage’ concerts and Stray Kids’ ‘Maniac’ concerts in USA, NCTzens spotted the same pattern during NCT 127’s ticket sales. Sold-out tickets were being resold by scalpers on Ticketmaster itself at a much higher price. On top of that, Ticketmaster has been reserving some seats themselves and selling them as ‘official platinum’ tickets going as high as $12,000 exclusive of booking fees which have left fans fuming.

'Do better’

NCTzens ended up trending Ticketmaster as they protested. One fan tweeted, “This has been happening with so many groups this year like ticketmaster is such a f**king joke for allowing this to happen and sment shouldve had presale so f**k them too.” A BTS fan advised, “And don’t buy official platinum from ticketmaster!!! it’s their way of seeing which fans are actually desperate enough to drop an absurd amount of money and if they see no one’s buying it they WILL lower the price!!!”



Another NCTzen was angry, “HOW THE F**K DID THE ENTIRETY OF THE NCT NEWARK SHOW GET SCALPED IN TEN MINUTES NOTHING IS AT REGULAR SALES PRICE ITS ALL RESALE OR TICKETMASTER PLATINUM THIS ISNT F*****G POSSIBLE.” One fan added, “The way ticketmaster is such an enabler of resale culture… y’all LETTING someone mark up the price by about 2500% is so unethical and messed up. there should be a maximum put in place for resell tickets so that the entire floor section of a concert isn’t taken up by scammers.”



With Ticketmaster cancelling resales after the scalpers had already bought the tickets, another joked, “127 performing to only 3 nctzens now that resales are disabled on Ticketmaster.” Another was shocked at the prices, “I am tired of @Ticketmaster and artist not setting a cap on reselling tickets. Your biggest fans cannot afford $3,000 + tickets. And HOW are you allowing bots to get these many floor/VIP tickets. Do better!” One commented, “Nct newark looks like this. they’re about to introduce new thangs to about 10 people.” Another shared, “You need your teeth pulled my dude lol.”





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