Who are the Lapillus members? Momoland’s sister group debuts with ‘Hit Ya’

Who are the Lapillus members? Momoland’s sister group debuts with ‘Hit Ya’
Lapillus is a six-member group under MLD Entertainment (MLD Entertainment/YouTube, @offclLapillus/Twitter)

The first half of 2022 has been exciting as we are getting the next generation of K-pop. More and more groups are debuting from Younite and Tempest to Le Sserafim and Viviz. In fact, the ambitious K-pop survival show ‘Girls Planet 999’ that formed the winning group Kep1er has also churned out several more idols who have gone on to debut in other groups. From Bebez being labelmates to Loona and four participants joining CLASS:y, we are getting a glimpse of the survival show paying off. And now, Shana, a Japanese participant, has gone on to debut with Lapillus.

Dubbed as the best vocalist out of all 99 participants by the mentors themselves, Shana turned heads by joining MLD Entertainment, home to Momoland. She was then roped in to join Lapillus which has caught everyone’s eye for being a multinational group. Along with Shana, we have members like Filipino-Argentinian actress Chanty and the Chinese-American trainee Yue. Well, Lapillus is a six member group that debuted on June 20 with their first single ‘Hit Ya’.

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Shana, Seowon and Bessie for 'Hit Ya' (@offclLapillus/Twitter)

Who are the members of Lapillus

With Momoland being known for dropping at least one single that goes viral every year like ‘Thumbs Up’ to ‘Bboom Bboom’, expectations are high for their sister group. Lapillus’ ‘Hit Ya’ is a fun and upbeat song with an earworm hook and funky melody while the girls show off their dance moves with powerful choreography. 

The first member to be introduced was Shana who was a front runner on ‘Girls Planet 999’. She proved herself as a talented vocalist with her stable high notes even while dancing. Born in 2003, the Japanese-born idol has often cited 2NE1 and Blackpink as her favorite K-pop groups. 

Chantal Videla aka Chanty is a Filo actress from Argentina and already has a huge Philippines and Latin fanbase for her roles in popular dramas like ‘Would You Remember?’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’. Born in 2002, she is the oldest member of Lapillus and can speak English, Tagalog and Spanish along with Korean.


Yue, Chanty and Haeun for 'Hit Ya' (@offclLapillus/Twitter)

MLD fans already know of Yue whose real name is Nancy Yang. She happens to be a trainee at the company for almost 2 years and had been in the top 18 of the 800 people that auditioned through the global K-pop recruiting platform V-Square in 2018. The Chinese-American member is also multilingual as she can speak French, Chinese and English with Korean.

Bessie happens to be part of the vocal line and is from South Korea. Born in 2004, she was a student at the TNS Vocal and Dance Academy. She is said to be the main vocalist of the group and was much loved for her cover of ‘Gang’ by Sik-K, pH1, Jay Park and Haon.

Seowon is yet another Korean member born in 2006. She was a student of Wolgye Middle School and was nicknamed ‘beautiful fish’ as she felt her charming point were her eyes. During their debut showcase, she confided that her goal was to become an idol that shows Lapillus’ own color and was the one to create the hook move of ‘Hit Ya’.

Haeun is the maknae (youngest member) of the group being born in November 2008. Fans have pretty much adopted the 13-year-old idol as she stole everyone’s hearts with her cute antics and her powerful stage presence.


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