Who is JJ Watt's wife? Cardinals star offers to cover Waukesha victims' funeral costs

'In a world of Aaron Rodgers be a JJ Watt,' said a user as Wisconsin native Watt offered to cover funeral costs for all victims

                            Who is JJ Watt's wife? Cardinals star offers to cover Waukesha victims' funeral costs
JJ Watt with soccer star wife Kealia Ohai (Instagram)

JJ Watt has offered to cover funeral costs for all victims of the tragedy that unfolded at the Waukesha Christmas parade, according to multiple reports. At least six people were killed and more than 60 injured as a red SUV suspected to be driven by Milwaukee man Darrell Brooks barrelled into the crowd that had gathered to celebrate and spread festival cheer like every year. The Christmas parade in Waukesha - a community of about 72,000 people - is held every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and includes fancy dress, dancers and marching bands. This year's theme was "comfort and joy". However, the joy soon turned into tragedy and some witnesses said they could see bodies flying after being hit by the car. 

For the uninitiated, suspect Brooks was produced in court on November 23. The man who was booked for homicide appeared to be shivering, rocking back and forth, and crying aggressively in court. The prosecutor read his lengthy rap sheet to the court during the hearing as well. As a result of that rap sheet, and a past charge of bail jumping, the Waukesha District Attorney decided to set bail for Brooks at $5 million. This decision comes after Brooks previously posted a low bail of $1,000 for which the DA's office was ripped apart on the Internet. Brooks will return to court for his next hearing in January 2022.


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Who is JJ Watt's wife?

Wisconsin's hero as he's being dubbed as married Kealia Ohai on February 15, 2020. The soccer star had been dating her for a couple of years before getting engaged in May 2019. The Cardinals' defensive end had shared snapshots of the moments she said yes on Twitter with the caption, "I'm the luckiest man in the world." Watt shared photos from the day he wed Kealia on the platform as well with the caption, "Best day of my life. Without question." Ohai met Watt through her sister Megan who is married to Wat's former teammate Brian Cushing. Ohai, like her husband, is a soccer player as well and plays for the Chicago Red Stars of the National Women's Soccer League. She has also played for US's women's national team. Watt and Ohai have been openly supportive of each other's professional careers, according to Sporting News

Ohai has proved her mettle on the field despite being blind in one eye. She was diagnosed with severe astigmatism in the right eye at 6 years of age. She was teased a lot at school as she wore an eye patch to strengthen on her left eye to strengthen the right one but it didn't help. “My depth perception is pretty off,” Ohai told espnW . “A lot of people would say they don’t like to drive with me at nighttime because at night it’s pretty bad. But it’s nothing like I’m tripping over things. I think because I was so young when it happened, I kind of figured out how to live with it.” 


'In a world of Aaron Rodgers be a JJ Watt'

Aaron Rodgers recently came under fire after people discovered he wasn't vaccinated after he caught Covid-19. What made matters worse was him being photographed on a coffee run instead of being in quarantine for 10 days. Rodgers also said he was consulting Joe Rogan over Covid-19 medication which further led to him being trolled on the Internet. In a recent press conference he demanded an apology from writer Molly Knight for not writing but sharing a Wall Street Journal article about him which quoted his segment from the 'Pat McAfee Show' where he joked about having Covid toe and then implied that his pinky toe was broken. The article on the other hand had described Covid toe as an aftereffect of Covid, the one that involves lesions. Rodgers shoved his foot in the camera saying he had no lesions but a broken toe. 

The Internet doesn't seem to be a fan of the Greenbay Packers QB but his peer Watt has received a lot of love and support after the recent announcement. "In a world of Aaron Rodgers be a JJ Watt," read a tweet. Another wrote, "Shit it’s like impossible to dislike @JJWatt." A third tweeted, "Proud to be an Arizona Cardinals Fan. @JJWatt Thank you for your humanity and for representing our state so well." Another tweet read, "So awesome! I don’t know the famous JJ, I only know a JJ with a heart & soul of gold & the presence of God!" A fifth tweeted, "This is why we love @JJWatt
! Thank you for being a role model."






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