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Is Darrell Brooks racist? Waukesha carnage suspect's alleged old posts spark outrage

Brooks who is a rapper who performs under the pseudonym Mathboi Fly has a number of open felony cases against him
UPDATED NOV 22, 2021
Darrell E. Brooks slammed on Internet after old Facebook posts surface in the wake of him plowing his red SUV in the crowd in Waukesha (Twitter)
Darrell E. Brooks slammed on Internet after old Facebook posts surface in the wake of him plowing his red SUV in the crowd in Waukesha (Twitter)

WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN: The Christmas parade in Waukesha - a community of about 72,000 people - is held every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and includes fancy dress, dancers and marching bands. This year's theme was "comfort and joy". However, the joy soon turned into tragedy after a man drove his red Ford Escape into the celebrating crowd in Waukesha killing five and injuring 40.

A Twitter user claimed that the suspect has been identified as Milwaukee man Darrell E. Brooks has "25 different mugshots from multiple states," however, the police has not yet identified or named the suspect. The SUV driver reportedly has a long rap sheet. He's an admitted child sex trafficker, a registered sex offender, and a domestic abuser. Brooks is in police custody right now and people on social media are pointing to an alleged old Facebook account of his where he allegedly spoke about "knocking White people off." He is being dubbed the face of Black terrorism online over this and a couple of other problematic posts he allegedly made on his page that appears to be taken down. The speculation online currently is all based on unproven allegations. Heavy reports, Brooks has a lengthy arrest history can be accessed here.


Waukesha holiday parade: Does the tragedy have links to Kyle Rittenhouse's verdict?

Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy: Driver of SUV, reported to be Darrell E. Brooks, in custody

Darrell E Brooks has been on the wrong side of law

Brooks who is a rapper who performs under the pseudonym Mathboi Fly has a number of open felony cases against him. A recent one was filed against him on November 5 in Milwaukee court for resisting an officer (misdemeanor), felony bail jumping, second-degree reckless safety (felony), disorderly conduct, and battery (both misdemeanors with domestic abuse assessments). Records show Brooks posted $1K bail on November 19. He has been on the wrong side of the law since the late '90s. He was charged with a substantial felony in 1999, marijuana possession in 2002 (felony), obstructing an officer (misdemeanor) in 2003 and 2005.

Debris litters the street at a crime scene on November 21, 2021 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. According to reports, an SUV drove through pedestrians at a holiday parade, killing at least one and injuring 20 more.

On social media, the accusation against the alleged suspect is that he had shared a video on his page about a young girl arguing with her parents for being Conservatives. In the caption, he allegedly wrote, "LEARNED AND TAUGH BEHAVIOR!!" further adding the problem bits he mentioned while reportedly talking about White people. "So when we start bakk knokkin white ppl TF out ion wanna hear it. the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD." 

He allegedly shared a meme featuring an all-White crowd including a police officer. The text overlay read, "Repeat after me. 'I thought he had a gun'. 'He reached for his waistband'. 'I feared for my life'. These three phrases will ensure you can kill anyone you want." Internet sleuths alleged that he shared an article about Colin Kaepernick demanding a revolution in the wake of George Floyd's death and replied with "yea dat."

Brooks's primary social media account was taken down but the one he used for his music continues to stay up. So we have no confirmation on the authenticity of the problematic posts being attributed to him. People on the Internet were quick to take screenshots of posts they deemed problematic before the supposed suspect's page was taken down and they are now floating on Twitter causing outrage among people who are trying to find a racist angle to the incident.

Videos of the horrific incident show a red Ford Escape allegedly driven by Brooks racing down the road towards a marching band (Andy Ngô/Twitter)

A Twitter user who goes by @oaktreeupheaval continued, "Seriously there's like 25 different mugshots of this guy from multiple states. this sort of black criminality where it goes on for years and years yet he keeps getting out on 1k bail to do it again is the sort of #BlackTerrorism Americans face everyday." The account further wrote, "Sure looks like he's a big fan of BLM/Kaepernick and a bunch of other causes that would indicate an anti-white motive" while sharing another set of screenshots. 

Brooks did mention BLM in his alleged social media posts but his affiliation to the group cannot be established. People on the Internet also wondered if there was a connection between the incident and the verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse's verdict but police haven't stated that as a motive yet. "The killer was a black nationalist and BLM supporter + career criminal Darrell Brooks. Media will try to spin it as he was fleeing from a different crime, anyone who watches that video knows this is a lie and he intentionally ran over those kids. This is an anti white hate crime," an irate user wrote. "Mathboi Fly / Darrell Brooks showing his support for the radical left black nationalist movement, the Black Panther Party (BPP). This screenshot from his now deleted Facebook page," another Twitter user alleged.

Darrell Brooks, a suspect in Waukesha Holiday Parade tragedy wrote about "knocking white people off" (Facebook)





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