What is JJ Watt's net worth? Star defensive end leaves Houston Texans, Packers fans want him to 'come back home'

The Houston Texans are officially releasing JJ Watt after he and the team mutually agreed to part ways

                            What is JJ Watt's net worth? Star defensive end leaves Houston Texans, Packers fans want him to 'come back home'
J.J. Watt #99 of the Houston Texans celebrates his team's win over the New York Jets (Getty Images)

Justin James Watt (JJ Watt), who was drafted by the Houston Texans in the first round of the 2011 NFL draft, has been released from the team. In a video posted on Twitter, Watt stated that he sat down with the McNair family -- the owners of the Houston Texans -- and requested them to release him from the team. In a heartfelt video, Watt talked about the time when he joined the Houston Texans and how everyone has treated him as a family member.

"I'm excited and looking forward to a new opportunity, and I've been working extremely hard. But at the same time, it is always tough to move on. And I just want you guys to know that I love you. I appreciate you. I appreciate the McNair family for drafting me and giving me my first opportunity in the NFL," Watt said in the video posted on Twitter.

Watt became the face of the franchise after winning three NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards from 2012-2015. In a statement released to the media, Texans Chair and CEO Cal McNair said that even though Watt has decided to move on, he will forever be considered a Texan. McNair also added that the team would build upon the foundation that Watt has created and will “forge ahead with our unwavering mission to bring a championship to our city.”



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J.J. Watt #99 of the Houston Texans (Getty Images)

Who is JJ Watt

Watt, 31, attended Pewaukee High School, where he was a four-year letter-winner in football and excelled in basketball, baseball, and track and field. In 2007, he captured the state title in shot put at the 2007 WIAA Division II Championship. He also received a scholarship offer from Central Michigan University. At the university, he played 14 games, compiling 77 receiving yards and 8 receptions. Watt skipped his senior season at Wisconsin and entered the 2011 NFL Draft as a top performer in all categories, except the 40-yard dash. He was the first defensive end selected in the first round and was picked by the Houston Texans with the 11th overall pick.

Watt opened the 2011 season against the Indianapolis Colts, where he had five tackles and a fumble recovery. He finished his second season with 69 solo tackles, 20.5 sacks, 16 passes, and 12 assisted tackles.

During his fifth season, he started to battle a groin injury, which forced him to withdraw from the 2016 Pro Bowl. He returned to the team in 2017 but was then forced to walk off the field due to a fractured leg. He then returned in 2018 to the starting lineup, but his injuries struck again, and he was forced to leave the game.

In 2020, Watt returned to the team again and scored his first touchdown since 2014.

Defensive end J.J. Watt (Getty Images)

“Come back home”

Ever since the news surfaced that Houston Texans have officially released watt, his fans have taken to Twitter to share their emotions. Several fans are now urging him to join his home team, the Packers. Football quarterback Deshaun Watson tweeted, "Salute to one of the Greatest of All Time @JJWatt I appreciate you for all the work you put in and more importantly the person you are. Any team in the league will be better the day you out on their jersey! 1OVE my brother! MORE Glory". While one fan wrote, "We appreciate you JJ ! You're a champion in all our eyes. We will miss you and I hope you win a championship on another team ! I'll always root for you."

Another fan tweeted, "JJ Watt was an absolute stud and such a great ambassador for the city of Houston and the NFL. I hope he can get a ring! He was so dominant in IDP, he holds 4 of my IDP leagues top 10 scoring seasons historically since 2000. I miss those years." Another fan hoped to see Watt with the Packers, "@JJWatt I’m sure this will never get your attention and I know there is a bigger business behind it all.... but damn as a life long @BadgerFootball and @packers fan I think it’s safe to speak for all of us .... we would love to see you come home! #takemehome".

Another resonated a similar opinion, "He's a Packer Fan and His mom said when he was a boy he wanted to play for green bay and that was his Dream Team also His Wife is a Green Bay Fan and lives in wisconsin while he's playing Football games in Taxas it would make the Family closer I'm a bucs Fan, Packers have chance". And one fan simply tweeted, "@JJWatt come back home brother!! #[email protected]".







It is not confirmed if Watt will go to Wisconsin's Green Bay Packers, but fans are still hopeful.

JJ Watt’s net worth

In 2011, Watt was offered a four-year contract worth $11.24 million by the Houston Texans. Three years later, he agreed to extend the contract with the Houston Texans for $100 million, which reportedly made him the highest-paid non-quarterback of the NFL. Watt’s contract came with a $10-million signing bonus and was roughly 50 percent guaranteed. He later signed another four-year contract with the Houston Texans worth about $11 million.

Watt has purchased a 4,500 square feet cabin in the southeastern Wisconsin area of Summit. As per Celebrity Net Worth, he paid $800,000 for the home. Apart from this contract with Houston Texans, Watt has earned millions from brand endorsements with companies like Ford, Verizon, and Reebok. As per the outlet, Watt has a net worth of $50 million.

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