Who is Nayeon's stalker Josh? Worried TWICE fans say 'Protect Nayeon' as 'sasaeng' announces he's in South Korea

Who is Nayeon's stalker Josh? Worried TWICE fans say 'Protect Nayeon' as 'sasaeng' announces he's in South Korea
Worried fans ask JYP Entertainment to Protect Nayeon after the TWICE member's foreign stalker returns to South Korea (JYP Entertainment)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Stalkers have been one of the biggest threats to any K-pop idol in the K-pop industry and the term "sasaeng" is familiar to many of them. TWICE's Nayeon has an international "sasaeng" too and it seems like his obsession with her has driven him to come back to South Korea on her birthday. On September 22, YouTuber Josh released a video on his channel, 'Josh1994'. In the video titled, 'Happy Birthday Nayeon!!' the sasaeng wished the idol a happy birthday and stated how he had returned to South Korea in order to meet her and give her gifts on her birthday. 

Nayeon has been stalked by this foreign stalker since 2019 and fans narrated that Josh has been vocal about attacking the TWICE member in the past. Back in 2021, the sasaeng reportedly tried to get in contact with Nayeon multiple times as he reportedly boarded the same flight as her in order to meet Nayeon. Not only that but Josh threatened to kill her if she dated someone other than him. Due to this threat from a sasaeng, fans started growing concerned about the safety of the TWICE singer and it seems like JYP Entertainment is now taking action about it. 


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JYP Entertainment issues curt statement about Nayeon's stalker

On Thursday, September 22, JYP Entertainment, the agency that manages the activities of TWICE and Nayeon released a short and curt statement to calm worried fans down. After Josh publicly announced that he was trying to get in touch with Nayeon fans became restless trying to alert the label asking them to protect her. It looks like the label has been notified and is taking action to protect the singer as they briefly commented about the issue.

According to a report from XSports News, Korea, JYP Entertaiment responded to questions about Nayeon's safety, saying, "We are discussing a response with the relevant department." In the past, the agency has tried to counter Josh using legal measures, such as filing an injunction against him as well as filing a criminal complaint. However, following that, Josh returned to Germany. The agency stated, "The application for an injunction against the man who stalked Nayeon was withdrawn due to the service case. We will proceed again when the foreigner enters South Korea."


'How is Josh not locked up yet?

Fans are still concerned for Nayeon nevertheless. One fan said, "JYPE needs to protect Nayeon cuz that stalker Josh landed in Korea and it’s her birthday and he probably will target birthday projects or birthday coffee trucks. What’s the point of a restraining orders if it’s never took into place???" Another fan said, "The video of twice nayeon stalker (josh) appears in my yt timeline. He is in SK right now. Please protect Nayeon at all cost." One more fan said, "F**k that Josh guy. Just watched the video and the way he moved his head and hands telling that he was so proud and Nayeon must be so happy that he flew to surprise her like he was romantic good catch dude. Really hope he tries something that makes Korean custom ban him."

Another fan asked, "How is that josh mf NOT locked up yet like." One fan explained, "Josh (the dude in the picture) is a stalker of nayeon and is threatening to kill her if she doesnt date him." One more fan said, "JOSH IS IN SOUTH KOREA AND PLANS TO FIND NAYEON. IF NAYEON REJECTS HIM HE WILL KILL HER. MAKE @JYPETWICE AWARE OF THIS." Another fan said, "GOD I HATE THIS JOSH GUY GET A F**KING LIFE AWAY FROM MY BABY FR PROTECT NAYEON."











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