Who is MrsLaTruth? DaBaby accused of hitting on married woman, says it's 'fake'

Who is MrsLaTruth? DaBaby accused of hitting on married woman, says it's 'fake'
DaBaby has been accused of trying to hit on a woman, Mrs LaTruth, he supposedly knew was married. (Rich Fury/Getty Images and Instagram/MrsLaTruth)

Rap star Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, famously known as DaBaby, seems to have been caught up in another controversy. Influencer and entrepreneur Brianna Hampton, who goes by the name Mrs LaTruth on social media shared a series of screenshots appearing to show a conversation between another woman and Kirk. In the screenshots, the rapper is seen asking the other person to set him up with Hampton.

“The ultimate disrespect for me,” wrote Hampton -- the wife of American rapper Latruth, whose real name is Robert Hampton -- in the Instagram post, “is to have someone who steps in your dm who 1) Not only knows your married, 2) was in the midst of doing business with my husband, 3) I ain’t nobody’s BIHHH and 4) disrespect my husband and my marriage!”


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Hampton wrote, “Some ppl would say you should just ignore it but NAH this is the ultimate disrespect that I can’t look past my profile clearly says MRSLATRUTH and my husband is LATRUTH the person your team has spoken too plenty of times. He went behind my husband back and sent a woman to do his dirty work and hoping that it wouldn’t get back to my husband and thought I would keep it on the hush hush because of who you are!”

Hampton, who has over 530,000 followers on Instagram and around 630,000 on TikTok, further said, “Nah I’m NOT one of themmmmm. Those females you use to dealing with who would jump out of a moving car just to fk with you! I’m SOLID and can’t be impressed by any man but my husband. Nah he ain’t the first and I’m sure he ain’t the last there’s been NBA & NFL players in my dm but they weren’t disrespectful and my husband didn’t know of them and wasn’t doing business with them they were left unread and deleted but it’s the principle of him KNOWING my husband, looking at my profile twice because he asked her ‘this my second time seeing her that’s a sign right?’ and on my profile you clearly see me posting and tagging my husband even in the screenshot you took of my profile shows my husband in the recent posts so you knew!” 

“So to all the MEN who wants to attempt to dm or send someone to get at me for you,” she wrote, “this should be your sign NOT TOO!! Most Women would be ecstatic to have this person wanting to talk to them but I’m NOT! I don’t want none of y’all I’m good where I’m at. If you been following me from day one y’all know I don’t acknowledge men in my comments, I don’t acknowledge them on my live, I don’t bring them on my live I don’t engage with them at all so I don’t even see why you would attempt to try me I ain’t never been no friendly female to no men and idgaf what status you are IM GOOD.”


After her post became viral, Kirk reportedly responded and said that the screenshots were doctored and that he did not attempt to connect with Hampton. “Whichever one of you graphic designer n***as took my name and that blue check and created that fake ass motherf***ing DM making it look like I'm out here trying to slide in some wife DM, you dead fucking wrong," DaBaby said in a video originally posted on his Instagram Story. "You're dead wrong, and I don't even talk like that. Pick up on my lingo a little better next time and maybe it will make some bigger blog sites. ... Make it sound a little bit more like me."

Following DaBaby’s response, Hampton reportedly updated her own Instagram Story with what she said will be her last time addressing the situation. “Someone who’s innocent isn’t gonna send threats. My husband don’t have to clout chase for nothing. Wtf y’all talking about,” she said. "This is the last time I'm addressing this..... No I don't owe him no apologies!!! It was him. The phone call that was had this morning was nothing like what his publicist told him to get up here and say... Phone call recorded stay tune for the TRUTH." She reportedly accused Kirk of making threats against her husband on the phone. “I ain’t never have to lie about a damn thing,” she said on her Story.

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