Meredith Little: SC woman calls wife of daughter's Black trainer N-word 'b***h', gets fired

Meredith Little was fired as an official of the South Carolina Automotive Dealers Association (SCADA)

                            Meredith Little: SC woman calls wife of daughter's Black trainer N-word 'b***h', gets fired
(Photo by Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images)

A racist South Carolina woman lost her position within a local automotive dealers association after she sent a racist text message to her daughter's Black fitness counselor.

Meredith Little was fired as an official of the South Carolina Automotive Dealers Association (SCADA) after Tim Goodwin, owner of TNT Martial Arts and Fitness Studio, posted texts she sent him on Facebook using offensive language toward his wife Tamayah. "I want to give that (N-word) b***h a piece of my mind," Little allegedly wrote in one text message. This comes amid reports of several individuals being caught using the N-word in public of late. In May, a Sacramento State professor and his wife were caught shouting the N-word at neighbors while drunk. However, it's not all been dim news. On June 19, a San Francisco coffee shop owner fired her husband after he used the N-word in a confrontation with a Black man.


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According to Goodwin, Little used the N-word once again while picking up her daughter from his studio. She apparently also bragged that SCADA won't care about her offensive language because they don't "hire Black people anyway." "Just had to dismiss a child from our summer camp because her mother called my wife a (N-word)," Goodwin wrote on Facebook. "It would be nice to think that stuff like this doesn't happen because it's 2021 but unfortunately that's not the truth," he added, tagging SCADA in the post. "We've come a long way but apparently we haven't come far enough."


SCADA denounced Little's remarks in an official statement on Facebook shortly after. "SCADA was made aware this morning of an incident involving one of our staff members that took place on her personal time, unrelated to anything SCADA sanctioned," the statement noted. "SCADA would like to make it clear that we in no shape or fashion will tolerate any discriminatory behavior or language. This staff member is no longer employed by SCADA or affiliated in any way by our association."

Goodwin acknowledged the statement and commented, "Justice served." Social media users offered apologies to Goodwin and expressed outrage over Little's conduct. "This is beyond disgusting. Had someone said this to my children or my wife, I'm not sure I would be this civil," one wrote. "I'm sorry that happened to your wife and I'm sorry that she is far from the first person I know to have had an interaction like that. I'm going to share for awareness," another added.

One user said Tamayah and Tim were role models in their community. "I'm really sorry you guys experienced this," they commented. "There's no excuse for this type of ignorance and hatred. You are great people making a positive impact on your community."


MEAWW previously reported how the Alabama Democratic Party called for the resignation of Tarrant city councilman Tommy Bryant for using racist language. On July 19, Bryant was caught asking, "Do we have a house (N-word) in here?" during a meeting. The slur was allegedly referring to Black council member Veronica Freeman. Bryant was slammed by both the Democrats and Republicans but refused to apologize. 

In his defense, Bryant said he was only repeating what the Mayor called councilwoman Freeman. "I heard a comment from the (unclear) where someone made that comment. And I thought it be proper to go ahead and bring it to light," he said in an interview with WVTM 13. "The mayor called Veronica Freeman a stupid h-n. He doesn't need to use that term in front of everybody, and I thought the city ought to know what kind of terminology the Mayor uses," he added. Bryant claimed the mayor "said it in a derogatory manner, I said it so people would know what the mayor said." When approached for comment, Newton did not confirm whether what Tarrant said was true.