Is Jenna Alexa Berman racist? Nick Bosa's girlfriend dubbed 'trash' over N-word tweets

'I swear to you I’m a [N-word] magnet', reads one of the resurfaced tweets by Nick Bosa's girlfriend Jenna Alexa Berman

                            Is Jenna Alexa Berman racist? Nick Bosa's girlfriend dubbed 'trash' over N-word tweets
NFL pro Nick Bosa with girlfriend Jenna Alexa Berman (Instagram: @nbsmallerbear, @jennaberman)

San Francisco 49ers star Nick Bosa's girlfriend woke up on the wrong side of social media on August 2 as past offensive tweets of the TikTok star resurfaced on the platform. Known for her massive social media presence, Jenna Alexa Berman ended up deactivating her Twitter account after an online watchdog exposed old screenshots from some seven to eight years ago, where she can be seen using the N-word on multiple occasions. And although these tweets are from almost a decade ago, social media is having a hard time letting this pass, dubbing Berman a "trash b***h" for using the words "N-word magnet" as a joke in the past.

Berman, a South Florida native, sparked romance rumors with NFL pro-Nick Bosa sometime around March of this year. This comes after she had already been linked with Madison Gesiotto, but clearly, those rumors held zero water as Bosa and Berman were spotted getting more than cozy with each other by paps. Shortly after their March spotting, the two made their romance Instagram official, with Bosa sharing a photo of himself and Berman from a romantic getaway on a yacht. Heaps of congratulations came from Bosa's fellow NFL pro friends, and the footballer has since blessed his fans with plenty of photos and sneak peeks into his relationship with Berman. 


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Social media, however, was not ready to accept any defense of Berman when the offensive tweets from her past were brought up on August 2. In screenshots shared by the account Resist Programming, tweets made from Berman's account between the years 2013 and 2015 show her using the N-word. "'I swear to you I’m a [N-word] magnet'," reads the tweet along with a couple of laughing-crying emojis, and the tag @alexxxxhopkins3. The Twitter account alleges, "Jenna Berman, the Trump supporting girlfriend of 49ers player Nick Bosa, quoted and laughed at her friend who called herself a '[N-word] magnet.'”

That was clearly not the only instance of Berman using the N-word as the account continued sharing about five screenshots worth of tweets from her in 2013, all of which use the N-word rampantly. Berman, whose alleged old tweets also include herself claiming she's "half-black," and incessant use of gay slurs like the word f*g, also claimed she "won’t be participating in this nonsense," about wearing masks in March this year. Her anti-vax sentiments were also alleged as tweets from September 2020 see Berman tweet "Miss me with that," to a person talking about the Covid-19 vaccine. 





Berman has also been slammed for her pro-Trump beliefs, touting conspiracy theories about the ex-POTUS having the vaccine ready while the media called it false information. After George Floyd's murder, as Black Lives Matter protests surged last year, Berman had chastised 'ruining neighborhoods' as means to get justice for the Minnesota man, just 5 days after he was killed by ex-cop Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck. And when a Black woman tweeted to president Joe Biden demanding stimulus cheques and vaccines, Berman allegedly tweeted in response that she had "never been so annoyed by a tweet" in her life. 

With 270,000 followers on Instagram and 1.1 million followers on TikTok, Berman's social media presence is impressionable. The physician's assistant in training and Florida Atlantic University graduate has also co-founded a dessert shop called Berman Sisters Cookie Co. along with her sister, another staunch MAGA supporter. And even though both she and her sister have allegedly deactivated their social media accounts, all of this has proven to be too much for Twitter where she is being dissed left, right, and center. 



Users expressed on Twitter, "i am shocked at the level of racism and bigotry between Nick Bosa and his trash girlfriend Jenna Berman. i am appalled that the @49ers
and/or NFL condone this type of behavior from their players and WAGs." Another wrote: "Jenna Alexa Berman is a trash b!tch, everyone is over her. While taking time tweeting racial slurs , she need to work on that makeup & those roots." Heated users also demanded more outrage against this reveal, with one tweeting: "jenna berman is Racist, Homophobic & trump-supporting AF. Dates an NFL player! Where’s the outrage? Irritating how ppl appropriate their perception of Black yet loathe actual Black ppl! She is a lesser-than person not gay ppl. Let’s call inferior ppl Jennas!"

Some were disappointed with Bosa's choice in women as a user wrote: "This sad, pathetic, disgusting, @JennaaBermann (Jenna Alexa Berman) is obviously Mentally Ill! I hope that she gets help soon, and Nick Bosa needs to reevaluate who he chooses to associate with," tweeted one user. Another however picked up on the reveal's angle of Bosa's alleged past MAGA sentiments, and called hi mand his girlfriend a "racist couple made in MAGA heaven #nickbosa #jennaberman"