Sacramento State professor, drunk wife seen shouting N-word at neighbors, bragging about degrees in shocking video

Professor Tim Ford has apologized for his and his wife's behavior but calls for him to be sacked have increased

                            Sacramento State professor, drunk wife seen shouting N-word at neighbors, bragging about degrees in shocking video
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A Sacramento State professor and his wife have come under fire after a video showed them berating their downstairs neighbor and using a series of racial slurs.

Uploaded on Reddit this past week, the video caught associate economics professor Tim Ford and his wife Crystal having a heated argument with Mikaela Cobb and her boyfriend. Cobb said the argument broke out after Crystal came down to her window to complain about the smell of "bacon grease" coming out of their apartment and things escalated quite quickly from there.

Crystal, who appears to be heavily intoxicated, can be heard repeatedly using the N-word towards Cobb and her boyfriend. She also calls Cobb a "b****" and is seen flipping off the camera.

"You look like you’re going in and out of it right now," Cobb's boyfriend tells Crystal. "Are you 100 percent here with me right now?"

Crystal, who can't seem to stand straight, hits back, "Yeah I’m 100 percent with you, I see you. I see your b****. I see you, n*****."

When he and Cobb calmly tell Crystal she's being "ridiculous" and that they haven't done anything to warrant the abuse, Ford, who is holding a beer in his hand, quips, "I’m a professor at Sac State, dude. I have a Ph.D. I don’t need to be dealing with s*** like this."

Crystal then adds that she "has a masters" and that Cobb can "f*** off" before walking up to the window and pushing herself up against the screen.

"Your house stinks," she yells, as Cobb slides a glass panel across the window. "Your house stinks. It reeks."

Ford then throws the can of beer he was holding at the window and drags his wife out of the frame.

Cobb addressed the incident in a Facebook post and said Ford and Crystal would try to fight with them every day. "This is what I have to deal with while in quarantine," she wrote. "Racial slurs are being thrown around, I can’t even [be] at peace in my own home."

"Guys she was mad it smelled like bacon grease!? Like I can’t eat!?’" she added.

The video went viral and caught the attention of Sacramento State President Robert S. Nelsen, who called the incident "very disturbing" in a statement.

"I am deeply offended by the language in the video," he said. "Racial epithets are repulsive and unacceptable. Personally, I am incredibly upset by the contents of the video and the harmful impact that it is having on our campus community."

He said Sacramento State strives to be "inclusive" and that they "absolutely do not condone this sort of language or behavior," before adding that the university would not address unfortunate and unacceptable incident" publicly as it was considered a private matter.

"We must embrace and honor our diversity. We must be strong together," he continued. "We must continue to be a caring university, committed to eradicating bigotry, racism, and intolerance."

The professor eventually apologized for his and his wife's actions and said she had checked into a hospital for alcohol and drug abuse. "She recognizes the hurt and anger she has caused and regrets it," he said.

A petition online calling for his sacking has gained some traction and the university's Division of Inclusive Excellence is reportedly holding a virtual town hall on May 19 to address the video. 

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