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Who is Lee Nadine? Meet 'Single's Inferno' Season 2 contestant stacked with credits from Harvard

If Lee Nadine is truly in love with a person, she doesn't mind the long distance
Lee Nadine played lacrosse in high school (Instagram/deeenerss)
Lee Nadine played lacrosse in high school (Instagram/deeenerss)

SEUNGBONG-DO, SOUTH KOREA: The main differences between the first and second seasons of the highly anticipated Netflix dating reality program 'Single's Inferno' are diversity and emotional depth. If you're wondering who the beauty with the brains on this season of the hit Netflix reality program is, the answer should be obvious: Lee Nadine.

Season 1 of 'Single's Inferno', which premiered last December, captured the attention of a worldwide audience, becoming the first Korean reality program to hit the streaming platform's Global Top 10 ranking, going as high as No 4. Major talents like dancer Cha Hyun Seung and beauty YouTuber Song Ji Ah rose to prominence during the first season, and the show's producers and celebrity panel vow that more stars will emerge during Season 2. The total number of episodes has been raised from eight to ten too. So, before you get binging the latest season, read more about the 4th female contestant to enter the competition, Lee Nadine.


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Who is Lee Nadine?

Lee Nadine considers herself to have a "cold and honest personality." She also believes she sounds different when she talks in English as opposed to Korean. She has heard that she is a little more harsh, direct, and professional. This might be due to her time in the United States while attending Harvard. She has heard that when she speaks Korean, she comes across as more charming and sensitive. Lee opted to enter 'Single's Inferno' because she wanted to build some new treasured experiences and push herself a little. She also joined the show because she wants to date. Lee is self-assured in her distinct and natural features, as well as her "narrow waist." Since she is tall, her dream man would be tall as well. They should also drive better than she does, since she claims to be a skilled driver. If Lee is truly in love with the person, she doesn't mind the long distance. For a genuine relationship, she is ready to show her "charm and appeal."

Her LinkedIn profile states that she was the Executive Director of the Peer Buddy Committee at Synapse National. She is a first-year undergraduate student majoring in Neuroscience (Mind Body Behavior Honors Track) with a minor in Computer Science (Data Science). She is currently a student at Harvard Medical School, working as an RA/Project Manager. Furthermore, she received her education at The Branson School in Ross, California. She is also a certified Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Technician. She is fluent in Latin and Korean, in addition to English.


Lee enjoys playing soccer and lacrosse because she enjoys being outside. She actually played lacrosse in high school and also for a long time in college.

Catch the cute and tall Lee Nadine in Season 2 of 'Single's Inferno' as she searches for her perfect match. The producers have opted to stick with the same premise, celebrity panels, and even filming location - getting together a group of extraordinarily handsome single Koreans and placing them on a lonely island nicknamed "Inferno" with no means of connecting with the outside world. Their primary goal throughout their stay is to show off the most enticing aspects of themselves to possible love prospects, in the hopes of being matched up and escaping the island to 'Paradise' for a night — and eventually emerging from the program as a couple in love.


'Single's Inferno' Season 2 premiered on Tuesday, December 13, on Netflix. The first two episodes established who got to heaven as a pair and who remained in the inferno as singles. 'Single's Inferno' is here to leave you dumbfounded and thrilled for what's to come in the lives of these singles, with two new episodes premiering every Tuesday at 5 pm on Netflix.