Who is Korey Gandy? 'Love Island' contestant is wary of cheaters after heartbreaks

'Love Island' star Korey Gandy says he fought with trust issues after he was cheated on many times

                            Who is Korey Gandy? 'Love Island' contestant is wary of cheaters after heartbreaks
'Love Island' star Korey Gandy (CBS)

Love is all about playing the field and for the participants of 'Love Island' Season 3, it's definitely a game. The show has all the ingredients for a successful reality show, seeing that it comes jam-packed with romance, drama, challenges and more.

With 12 contestants stuck in a villa in Hawaii, passion runs at an all-time high as these islanders try to stay coupled up through the show. To add to it, contestants can ditch their existing partners for the new islanders. And while finding love sounds exciting, there's a cash prize on the line that everyone has their eye on.


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Who is Korey Gandy?

Korey Gandy is a 28-year-old rental car agent from Virginia Beach, VA. As per his Linkedin, Gandy studied at Old Dominion University and has a bachelor's degree in business administration. He has also worked as a sales representative at HH Gregg, a home appliances retailer. 

As reported by Parade, trust is essential for Gandy. He is not interested in having a partner who is "not serious, someone who just wants to backstab and get to the end, and someone who lies. As long as you're truthful and respectful, things will end up working out." His first relationship defined his need for a truthful and loving partner. "In my first relationship ever, I got cheated on a bunch, including with my best friend at the time. That gave me a lot of trust issues. But I worked through them. It was the worst feeling I've ever had, and I haven't cheated because I didn't want to put anyone else through that," he added

When asked who he wold date from the previous season of the show, his pick was Cely. "She's always smiling or laughing at something. That's attractive to me, someone always having a good time," he explained. When asked to describe himself as a drink, he picked a mai tai. "I've never had that drink before coming out here, and it just set me off," he said. "It was super sweet, and the next thing you know I'm doing jumping jacks in my bedroom."


Is Korey Gandy on Instagram?

Yes, Gandy is on Instagram and has 10.1k followers on the app You can follow him at @korey_gandy. By the looks of his profile, Gandy is into fitness and has even competed at a pro-level.


Watch the 90-minute Season 3 premiere of 'Love Island' USA on Wednesday, July 7 at 9.30/8.30c on CBS and Paramount+.

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