Joe Manning: Anti-vaxxer cop who promoted Ivermectin dies of COVID

Georgia police officer Joe Manning who took Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medicine instead of a Covid vaccine, died of the virus

                            Joe Manning: Anti-vaxxer cop who promoted Ivermectin dies of COVID
Joe Manning who took horse drug as Covid 'cure' dies of virus (Wayne County Sheriff's Department)

COVID-19 claimed the life of a Georgia police officer who routinely posted anti-vaccine statements on Facebook and instead took an anti-parasitic medicine instead of a vaccine, news outlets reported on Saturday, August 28.

The coronavirus is one of the most significant challenges that humanity has faced in the 21st century. To make matters worse, new strains of the virus are evolving, making the fight against it more difficult. However, though relief is available, many people appear to reject it.


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According to research from Texas A&M University's School of Public Health, around 22 percent of Americans consider themselves anti-vaxxers. Those figures should worry everyone because they might be the difference between ending the pandemic or extending it with newer, more severe strains. MEAWW also recently reported that conspiracy theorists recently tried to cast doubts about the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against coronavirus as they claimed that the CEO of the pharmaceutical giant has not taken it.

Who is Joe Manning?

Captain Joe Manning, 57, of the Wayne County Sheriff's Department, died on Wednesday after a brief battle with Covid-19. Manning had written before his death that he was not inoculated against the virus, claiming that it was his 'choice' and 'right.'



He also suggested the use of Ivermectin, which is used to prevent heartworm disease in farm animals, to combat Covid-19. The medicine does not treat Covid-19 and can be harmful for human consumption but has been marketed as a remedy in anti-vaxx circles, the Daily Mail reported. According to The Independent, Facebook deleted one of Manning's posts regarding the drug in July, citing inaccuracy. "I have been censured again in regards to posting an opinion on COVID and being one who hasn't been vaccinated," Manning wrote in July. Manning, a 31-year veteran of the force, was promoted to captain in 2017 and was the administrator at Wayne County Jail at the time.

Manning had urged people to stock up on ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medicine that is commonly used to deworm horses but is increasingly being used by people in an ineffective attempt to cure or prevent Covid-19. "OK Folks Wayne Feed and Seed has some liquid and paste Ivermectin get it while supplies last," Manning wrote on Facebook. He added that he had himself taken the drug. "Captain Manning was an integral part of our family and our hearts are broken. Our love and prayers go forward to his family," according to WSAV. Tammi, his wife, and their three children and eight grandchildren survive him. 

The CDC has stated that the drug does not help prevent or treat coronavirus, and has issued a health advisory this week describing an increase in severe disease caused by ivermectin use. According to a CDC report, calls to poison control centers in the United States reporting ivermectin exposures surged fivefold from pre-pandemic levels, with a particularly significant increase in July 2021.

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