Who is Shanda Parish? Arkansas nurse WON'T take Covid vaccine even after virus killed parents

Shanda Parish, a nurse with cancer, said she 'simply doesn't trust' the Covid-19 vaccine because it is new

                            Who is Shanda Parish? Arkansas nurse WON'T take Covid vaccine even after virus killed parents
Shanda Parish's parents died of Covid-19 but she, a nurse, is not willing to give the vaccine a shot (Facebook/shanda parish)

Shanda Parish, an Arkansas nurse said she is still unlikely to get the Covid-19 vaccination despite the fact that both of her parents died of the virus within days of each other, news outlets reported on Monday, August 9.

Without a doubt, the coronavirus is one of the most significant challenges that humanity has faced in the 21st century. To make matters worse, new strains of the virus are evolving, making the fight against it more difficult. However, though relief is available, many people appear to reject it. According to research from Texas A&M University's School of Public Health, around 22 percent of Americans consider themselves anti-vaxxers. Those figures should worry everyone because they might be the difference between ending the pandemic or extending it with newer, more severe strains.


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MEAWW also recently reported that conspiracy theorists recently tried to cast doubts about the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against coronavirus as they claimed that the CEO of the pharmaceutical giant has not taken it.

Who is Shanda Parish?

Shanda Herring Parish is an Arkansas nurse from Fort Smith. She told the Wall Street Journal that she doesn't trust the vaccination since it's too new. Describing Parish, Elizabeth Findell of the WSJ tweeted: "Some people will never be convinced. Shanda Parish, a nurse who has cancer, said she simply doesn't trust the vaccine, even after losing both her dad and stepmom to Covid. Divides over vaccines have caused a rift between her siblings."

According to her Facebook profile, Parish is an "Owner/Manager/CEO" at Bongos Barbershop. She worked as a nurse at East Carolina University. Previously she worked at CEMA Carolina East Medical Associates and Wayne Urological Associates. She went to Southside High School and studied at Remington College. A favorite quote listed on her profile goes: "True integrity is doing what is right, knowing there is no one around to see you do it."



Covid-19 cases in Arkansas - including Sebastian County, where Parish resides - are reaching record highs after months of decreases, thanks to an Indian 'Delta' variant-fueled spike, the Daily Mail reported. 

Parish, who lives in the Fort Smith-Greenwood region, stated that her 70-year-old father and stepmother Robert and Vi Herring were opposed to vaccination, Complex reported. They were finally infected with COVID and perished as a result of the virus. Her father's last message to her was a voice mail left from his hospital bed. She stated of the noises he was making, "It doesn't even sound human." “I don’t like hearing it, but I can’t delete it.”


Parish, though, does not trust the vaccination and does not regret her parents' decision not to receive it. “We didn’t kill them, but some people make us feel like it’s our fault they’re gone,” Parish said of comments she’s heard from those close to her. “No one should try to make you feel guilty because someone died.”

Parish's brother, David Herring, however, begs to differ. He told the Wall Street Journal that he attempted to persuade his family to be vaccinated and that he still heard conspiracy ideas from individuals he knew after his parents died. “I’m absolutely angry and frustrated,” Herring said. “Their age and health conditions—they should have gotten vaccinated really early…. And then trying to talk to friends of theirs and hearing these ridiculous things about depopulation and computer chips.”