Devondre Williams: Teen, 17, bitten by K-9 for 8 minutes in viral video before cops stun dog

Devondre Williams, 17, reportedly claims that he wasn’t even the person who the police were looking for when they stopped him

                            Devondre Williams: Teen, 17, bitten by K-9 for 8 minutes in viral video before cops stun dog
In the video, Devondre Williams can be seen getting bitten by a police K9 dog (Facebook/ JD Dixon)

GRANITE CITY, ILLINOIS: A video from Granite City, Illinois has sparked outrage on social media as it shows a police dog biting a Black teenager’s leg for more than eight minutes. The canine refused to release the young boy -- that is until officers hit it with a stun gun. 17-year-old Devondre Williams reportedly claims that he wasn’t even the person who the police were looking for when they stopped him.

As per the latest reports, Williams’ mother Tabbatha Woods reportedly said, "There were just deep dog bites like right inside of his leg. They cleaned it out real good, and then they had to stitch it because it was so deep."


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As per a report in VICE News, Illinois' Granite City Police Department alleged that the Williams was obstructing their investigation by refusing to answer questions and follow their orders. However, a witness who caught the K-9’s attack on mobile video and shared it on social media said that the young man never resisted the officers, and that no one involved in the stop was ever arrested. "Williams nor any of the other gentlemen were resisting arrest," the witness, Regeana Canada reportedly said. "My question is why did the dog get loose? He didn’t resist arrest, the boys didn’t cause any problems."

Who is Devondre Williams?

Devondre Williams was driving a pickup truck around 2 am on July 19, 2021, when he reportedly said that police pulled them over around 2:30 a.m. He was in the back of a truck his cousin and was driving with a friend when they were stopped. 

As per the latest reports, Williams said that police never explained why they were pulling them over. His cousin said that they were pulled over because he was involved in a fight. Granite City police confirmed that they pulled the teens over because some of the individuals in the truck were involved in a fight. As per CBS affiliate KMOV4, which first reported the story last week, Williams said, "I ain’t never scream like that a day in my life."

"I see him reaching for his handcuffs, so I go to put my hand like this and then he grabs my arm aggressively. I look at him and then two other cops get pushing me. They push me onto the truck, and then I see the dog out of the corner of my eye and then the dog bites me." He added, "He bit me like I think five times," he added. 


About a minute and 45 seconds in, one of the officers tells Williams repeatedly, "we’re trying to get him off". One bystander can be seen telling the cops that Williams is bleeding. After more than four minutes, a taser can be heard followed by the yelp of a dog. "I didn’t even do nothing, bro,” a teary Williams tells the officers as they sit him down on the sidewalk. He even tells them to keep the dog away. He was then taken to a local hospital. 

On social media, people are livid. "“We’re trying to get him (the dog) off”?! Never should have been released to begin with!!!" one wrote. People started arguing whether the dog was required there in the first place. "Granite City Police Department Can you explain why you are using dogs you can't control?" one wrote. "If the GCPD CAN'T control their dogs then they are ill trained and should NEVER be used!" another added along similar lines. Many are calling for justice. "This is an outrage and really hard to watch god have mercy on him and his family." Another angry user wrote, "Every Officer on the scene should be held accountable charged with Police Brutality Aggravated Assault Child Abuse, Racial Profiling and whatever other charges suitable hope his parents sue the City, the Police Department and then sue each Officer individually in Civil Court."

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