A’myrikal Hull: Illinois girl, 1, dies after family dog bites her on the head for getting too close to food bowl

Springfield police said the dog, who had been the family pet for 4 years, had to be pried off of her by her two teenage uncles

                            A’myrikal Hull: Illinois girl, 1, dies after family dog bites her on the head for getting too close to food bowl
A’myrikal Jolynn Hull died after she was attacked by the family pet (GoFundMe)

SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS: A one-year-old girl was killed by her family's pet dog after getting too close to its food bowl while it was eating, according to reports. The family, based in Springfield Illinois, is in mourning after the tragic attack claimed the life of A'myrikal Jolynn Hull, near the 800 block of Indiana Avenue.

According to reports, Hull was taken to the HSHS St John's Hospital, on Thursday, March 18, by the Emergency Medical Services team where she was later pronounced dead. Hull had just turned one on March 7. She was pronounced dead at 9:26 pm local time.


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Family members asked for privacy, but a close member of the family has set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for funeral expenses. On the page, the family said, "A’myrikal Jolynn Hull born 3/7/2020 sadly gained her wings on 3/18/2021 A’myrikal was a precious 1year old full of life and just celebrated her first birthday and was all smiles! Unfortunately tragedy hit tonight! And she was attacked by the family pet of 4 years!  We are asking for help to plan her funeral and pay for her cremation and services! Plz share and pray for this family."

For representation purposes only: A German Shepard bares its teeth during Schutzhund attack dog training at Witmer-Tyson Imports on February 14, 2002, in Newark, CA (Getty Images)

According to ABC6, Springfield police said that Hull was bitten on the head by the dog, and the dog had to be pried off of her by her two teenage uncles. Cory Painter, whose grandson is Hull's sibling and has known Hull since her birth, told ABC6, "The dog [has] never snapped before. I was in shock since 1:30 this morning. The fact that she didn't make it crushed my soul."

Painter said that Hull was learning to walk and loved the show 'Cocomelon' and the nursery rhyme YouTube channel, 'Little Baby Bum'. Painter said, "A'myrikal was a very happy baby. She just had these big beautiful eyes and a smile that would light up the room."

According to Painter, the dog was a female pocket bully, which is a mix between a pit bull and a Patterdale terrier mix. ABC6 reported that the dog had never been violent with people or other animals, with Painter saying, "The dog was like her best friend."

The pocket bully is a hybrid of the American Pit Bull Terrier and Patterdale Terrier (Wikimedia Commons)


The dog is now with Sangamon County Animal Control. According to reports, the dog is under observation for rabies, but no further information was provided at the time of reporting. Painter said that the child's family is heartbroken over the loss and is now planning a funeral for her, saying, "They're all taking it really hard." Painter also said that the family will get through this tragedy together and remember the happy times with their brown-eyed girl. They are planning a candlelight vigil for Hull.

Springfield Police are investigating the incident, but reports suggest that there have been no criminal charges filed at the time of reporting.