Indiana 911 dispatcher cheers boy up by sweetly solving his BIG problem

'I had a really bad day and, I just... I don't know... I just came to tell you that,' the child had told Antonia Bundy

                            Indiana 911 dispatcher cheers boy up by sweetly solving his BIG problem
Antonia Bundy helped the child solve a math problem (Twitter/ @LafayetteINPD)

LAFAYETTE, INDIANA: A 911 call went viral for all the good reasons as there was nothing triggering for people to get afraid. A child apparently fed up with solving his tough math problems called a dispatcher for help and the dispatcher, identified as Antonia Bundy, who could have disconnected the call, but she chose warmness over rudeness.

The Lafayette Police Department also shared the details of the 911 call that happened between Bundy and the child, whose identity was not revealed, on Twitter. Beginning the call, the young boy said, “I had a really bad day and, I just... I don't know... I just came to tell you that.” Then Bundy asked why he had a bad day to which the child replied: “Tons of homework... and it's so hard.”


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But instead of putting the phone receiver back, the dispatcher offered help. She reportedly asked the child the math problem and the latter one read it. Bundy was able to help him solve it, which made the child’s day. Reportedly, that was the last question the child was struggling with. “Thank you. I'm sorry for calling you, but I really needed help,” the child said while Bundy responded sweetly, “You're fine! We're always here to help.”

Sharing the pleasant conversation on Twitter, the Lafayette Police Department tweeted, “Our dispatchers never know what the next call might be. They train for many emergency situations, homework help is not one they plan for.  We don't recommend 911 for homework help but this dispatcher helped a young boy out and brightened his day. @PoliceOne @apbweb @wlfi @WTHRcom.”


Soon people started commenting on it and praised the dispatcher. One user tweeted, “This just brightened my day as well... thankful for Antonia Bundy! God bless you and LPD!” The second user stated, “One: Fucking love this, a small act of kindness can make the difference in a young child's life, not what the system is for, but still good job! Two: She did not out right give him the answer but nudged him along, That is how you teach, you don't rubber stamp, you assist. 11/10!”




A person claimed that Bundy is her daughter-in-law as she commented, “That's my Daughter in law!! Blessed Mother in law to have such a loving and caring Daughter in law, Antiona is beautiful inside and out!” Another person noted, “That was extra sweet! I commend the operator for helping the young man and not being mean and snapping out on him! You have a great Heart!” “911 is the center of all emergencies. This dispatcher clearly understands that it may not be an emergency to us but it is to somebody. Great job helping this very stressed young man in his time of need,” a tweet read.



However, there were a few who thought Bundy entertaining the child was not cool. A user pointed out, “A very poor precedent. I'm sorry, but you've opened the door for people to call & chat when they're having a ‘bad day’. My tax dollars are used to fund 911 as an emergency service, not to babysit. Yes, it's sweet, but it's a poor precedent.” Another one added: “Just because no one clearly helped you with your homework doesn’t mean you have to be a buzzkill. Who raised you?!?!”