Texas teens flirting with girl in next car realize something horrifying

Aaron and Jamal heroically saved the unnamed woman who they followed through the heart of Texas

                            Texas teens flirting with girl in next car realize something horrifying
(Getty Images/Nisian Hughes)

KAUFMAN COUNTY, TEXAS: Sometimes luck is all that you have when you are in danger and this totally applies to this case, which reportedly ended happily. Two teenagers, Aaron and Jamal, were on a random ride in their town of Kaufman County when they saw an “attractive” young woman sitting inside a car. But in no time, they realized that the woman was asking for help from them.

While glancing at the unnamed woman, Aaron and Jamal, attempted to make eye contact with her. However, they soon found that she was trying to say something to them. They then understood that the woman was saying, “help me”. Though they were not very sure that the woman was asking for help after reading her lips, they recognized that she was in a bad spot and decided to do something about it.


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The pair started following the vehicle and also made a call to 911. They intelligently kept a safe distance from the suspicious car, though, to not alert the driver. The 911 call between Aaron and a dispatcher revealed the former saying, “Yes, I’m on the highway. I’m witnessing a robbery; not a robbery — a kidnapping.” The incident happened in 2013 and as per reports, at the time, Aaron was just 19 and was attending a local college. He told the dispatcher that he and his friend were “checking out the girl in the backseat” because they apparently found her attractive. He also added that they found that something was not right with that woman.

Aaron and Jamal continued to follow the car until police arrived. They went behind the vehicle from US 175 through the heart of Texas. Soon the police came to the rescue and pulled over the boys as well as the car in which the woman was sitting. The teens also got to know that they have heroically saved an abducted woman, who was kidnapped in Dallas, Texas, at gunpoint a few days ago. Her alleged abductor was a 37-year-old man named Charles Atkins Lewis, who then pressed with aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping charges.

The woman was checked by paramedics after the rescue. She then met Aaron and Jamal and thanked them for saving her life. Aaron told NBCDFW, “She hugs us. I would describe it as the best hug I have ever gotten.” The young men also said that they would love to be in touch with the woman, but also want to ensure that they don’t interfere with the probe. When Aaron was asked if he thought himself a hero, he humbly replied: “She says we saved her life. I guess you could say we did. But I don’t want to be that person who says they’re a hero.”

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